My friend JTA sent me this picture that her friend took of a car park at 360 mall, where there is NO wall to stop you from falling off the edge

That’s a HUGE NO-NO!!!

11 responses to “No-No

  1. ansam my friend SA is the one who took this pic i couldnt believe it she says “They were told to close and lock the doors, hopefully they did.”

  2. That doesn’t look like the 360 car park. Look at that parking gate on the bottom, looks like one you manually open and close. Thats not how the parking gates at 360 are. Also their parking is fully lit. This looks more like a BBM rumor.

  3. Hi there 🙂 This IS NOT a rumour! I took the photo at 360 mall, we parked on the roof. In order to enter the main building we had to go back down to the ground floor and walk across the car park.

  4. Its not a rumor….i was with sundus when she took the picture. If you want to know the exact location, its the first mall entrance you see when you go up the ramp to the roof from the geant indoor parking entrance. We took the elevator to the MB floor and as soon as we stepped out of the elevator the door on the right was wide open. What you see in the picture is what we saw while standing at the doorway.

  5. what on earth were they thinking keeping it like that?!

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