Food Weekend – Day II

Day I was so much fun… but things were just getting started! We woke up early the next day, had breakfast at home and paid some family a visit. We decided to have lunch at the Avenues since the Dubaians wanted to check that mall out. We walked around before we decided to head to Sawah, the Lebanese restaurant on the first floor in Phase I. Gotta love their interiors!!

Our table was so long. It was us, some family members in Kuwait, and of course our awesome cousins from Dubai. After the tables were set we were giventhe drinks menus

Then our waiter approached me and was like, “I will let you all guys order drink..  but how about you and I decide on what to get you all… how about a selection of….” and he went on and on. We both decided on the food, but I just had to ask him why did he approach me and not anyone else on the table!! He said it was somehow his “gut-feeling” that I was the food person! I laughed so hard… is it THAT obvious!! Well anyways… I loved the details of the restaurant and snapped some pictures before the food was set on the tables

And now its food time… In general, I love Lebanese restaurants’ cold and hot mezza (appetizers) more then the actual food. So I will be ordering and concentrating on that the most. We were a large group, and I couldnt take pictures of everything but I tried. So here you go


Wara 3anab (stuffed vine leaves)



Fattouch Salad



Cheese Rolls



Sawda (chicken liver)









Pickles, Olives, and Patata Harra (spiced hot potato cubes)


As for the rest of the food items, I could not take a picture off… there were YUMMY mini arayes, falafel, and mini shawerma in round mini pita breads, and an amazing dish of potato cubes in some sort of tahini sauce … if you can spot them out in the following pictures!

As for the grill (meshawi) we ordered a few dishes. I was only able to snap a picture of two dishes, the Kebab and Sheesh Tawook… Too bad I couldnt take a picture of the grilled meat because it was my favorite from their grill. The meat was tender and juicy!

After lunch we walked around in the mall. My sister, who is also pregnant, was a bit tired so we sat down at the newly opened cafe, Lino’s

I snapped some pictures from there

And while I was taking those pictures, I decided to pass by Dean & Deluca

They wanted to try something from Ansam’s Kitchen… So, Cobb Salad it is (click here for the recipe) 😉

It was one eventful, full of fun and good times, day 😀

11 responses to “Food Weekend – Day II

  1. glad that u enjoy yr time!!
    what’s ur favourite lebanese Rest?

  2. First time to try Pinkberry was yesterday:

    • for Sawah, it is more than average restaurant! talking about food especially Lebanese one, BUT u need to visit it one time only in my opinion as i wouldn’t go again.. the decoration is nice and i like the environment and also the mini cheese samosa 🙂

    • Bel3afiaa… did you like it? Try the pomegranate flavor too. About Sawah… I loved their appetizers

  3. yes, I liked it a lot, I tasted the pomegranate, it’s good but i liked the original more… there was green tea :-s …

  4. Sawah is so good I keep recommending it to everyone. I love the whole arty feel to it, very nostalgic! The food is delicious. Thanks Ansam for taking us there.

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