Food Weekend – Day I

Last weekend was a long weekend for our cousins from Dubai… so they decided to visit us in Kuwait, we had so much fun! So what did we do? It was mainly food, shopping, mubarakiya old soug, and did I say food? Boy oh boy! I must have gained few kilos from all the yummies!

They got here in the late afternoon… after freshening up, we went to Chocolate Bar in Al Bedaa and the place was full the line was ridiculously long so we decided to go to the Marina Crescent branch! To our luck there was place for us! We were around 14… YES FOURTEEN 🙂 So here you go with the food pictures!

S’more something

Chocolate Shot! A killer

Chocolate Fondue (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and s’more)

Bread Pudding

White Molten Cake

Chocolate Bar was really THE kick start to charge us for the coming weekend! Stay tuned for more and more of food pictures!

7 responses to “Food Weekend – Day I


  2. what is ur camera

  3. S’more fondue is my favorite

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  5. Hi Ansam..just going through this gives me cravings! We had an amazing time..and yes as you said we did a lot of eating yummy food…the white molten cake at Chocolate Bar is to die for..
    Also hats off to the Choowy Goowy entrepreneur. Great place and concept.

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