UAE National Day

I have asked my relative from Dubai to post some of her UAE National Day celebration pictures on my blog to share it with you all!

Thanks Alya Sh. 😉

The Sheikhs arrived in a parade of G-classes!

The parade 😉

A float with symbols of Dubai! Nice!

Dubai Metro

And the ending show 🙂

4 responses to “UAE National Day

  1. cool 🙂

    why did they stop the carnivals in kuwait? =/

  2. Used to live there till recently.. miss it already!
    Swell place and perhaps it might just get even better now that things will slow down there on every front.

  3. Looks like the sun has finally set on Dubai. What a shame! The party’s over before it could even begin. In many ways, present day Dubai and Abu Dhabi remind me of the Kuwait of 1988-90.

    The only plus, it is to be hoped for Kuwait, is that there will now be a tectonic shift of intellectual capital nay, a drain of a highly skilled workforce from corporates in the Emirates back to Kuwait, and this time it will be for keeps.

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