Wasabi Replaced Crostini

More than a year ago, I posted about an Italian Restaurant called Crostini… someone left a comment asking if the restaurant still exists because no one is answering the phone there. I passed by yesterdat to realize that Crostini was closed down and is now replaced with Wasabi!

Has anyone been to this new Wasabi?

Location? Its on Gulf Road, opposite Seif Palace.

9 responses to “Wasabi Replaced Crostini

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  2. falafel &co also closed and going to move to shweikh …didnt have the chance to try it ….slider going to extend in its place

  3. I loathe Wasabi

  4. Yes, i’ve been there..it’s really quiet and quite nice!
    there are tables on the roof top and if you want to have a dinner away from all the ‘6aja and is craving sushi, it’s the perfect place to go.

  5. any idea wain crostini? anyone?

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