Arafa or Arafat?

It was written Arafa on the upper right corner, and Arafat on the news strip all on the same screen at the same time…

Which one is right? Day of Arafa

or Day of Arafat?

On Wikipedia, it is Day of Arafat, and when you click on the Arabic version, its back to Arafa!

9 responses to “Arafa or Arafat?

  1. يقال: عرفة وعرفات بالتاء يقول علماء اللغة: عرفة اسم للزمان ولليوم، وعرفات بالتاء: اسم للمكان

  2. both are correct 🙂

    3edech mbarak

  3. G- Thanks 🙂 It make sense specially when I now look on how it was written on the TV screen

    Frankom- Ayaamik sa3eeda 😉 Thanks

  4. التاء المربوطه

  5. Also it was mentioned in hadith as people of Mu’arraf “أهل معرف”

  6. Very interesting stuff answered in the first comment.

    Should be noted in wikiworld too

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