The Fisherman (Trailer)

One of the people who are working on this Kuwaiti film sent me this trailer and asked me to post it on my blog so you all can give them your feedback before they move to the next step of production. They are a group of young Kuwaitis who are interested in Film-making and cinema. They are also trying to make serious Kuwaiti films, so show them your support and give them your honest feedback… and let it be “constructive” criticism ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks Hamad ๐Ÿ˜‰

10 responses to “The Fisherman (Trailer)

  1. It needs more acting classes, the characters lack the characterized roles, bad guy, good guy. They all look handsome good looking calm people and hard to differentiate between the hero and the villain.

  2. You wanted criticism. Ask, and ye shall receive!

    I agree with joreview on the acting. I also stress on proper non-kuwaiti pronunciation of classical Arabic (fos7a). It’s ‘la taqlaq’, not ‘taghlaq’, and ‘sariqa’ not ‘sarigha’.

    Grammar is equally important if you’re going with fos7a (Sa norji3o laka ‘ibnak’, not ‘ibnok’ – said by the same actor at 2:36)

    The CGI work is very good sometimes, and amateur quality at other times (e.g. The scenes with the fort/castle, the charging armies)

    3:33 fight scene, the shaking cam reminds me of forced ‘action’ in the bourne movies. I didn’t like that much.

    Are kings ‘Mos3ab’ and ‘Mas3ood’ different people?

    Last but not least, the filmscore: “Lux Aeterna” has been overused to a ridiculous extent. It’s nearly OK if it is used in the trailer, but please don’t use it in the movie’s final cut. It would be best, of course, to use original music (BoJacob the blogger makes filmscore by the way.. he did the music of Khalid ebn el waleed ramadhan series.)

    There’s always room for improvement, but it is refreshing to see Kuwaiti produced films which do not follow fajr el si3eed’s footsteps and do not revolve around a guy called ma3toog in bangkok lol.

    Best of luck to NGU productions. Hope ‘The fisherman’ makes it to the big screen ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oops, the proper URL to Bojacob’s blog is

  4. i agree with joreview , they look like if they were acting , they should get into the character more , and the music , ive heard it before , they shouldve made theire own .

  5. very impressive editing !! it reminded me of “300”, i took some “film production” classes back in college so i know how hard it is to produce a movie like this , waay to go guys ๐Ÿ™‚
    however, the editing need some touch ups & the actors need more work

  6. 1- thanks a lot for your efforts to make a decent Kuwaiti movie! I’m really embarrassed by the level of so called movies that are produced!

    2- Graphics needs to be improved. I’m not an expert on that field but those used in the movie 300 for example looks more real.

    3- agree with joreview about the acting classes.

    4- there are some things that doesn’t make sense like where did the third person come from (1:50)? + the fisherman came from a LONG fishing trip with an empty basket? Maybe those points would be clearer in the movie since this is only a trailer but just wanted to point them out cuz these small things does matter .. I suggest assigning a person specialized in reviewing scripts to make sure everything is in sequence and correct.

    5- wish you best of luck and I’m definitely going to the movie if it finds it’s way to the cinemas ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. it looks really good!!! i think most of us are comparing it to “300” which is a BlockBuster, that by it self is a good thing, coz this is kuwait and we dont have real movies. the film might look amazing, but i guess it depends on how they are planning to do the rest of the film.

  8. Z has summed most of the points that I noticed & wanted to mention.

    Finally, the idea of the movie isn’t new; “Same script, different cast” as the song goes. If you’re still willing to go through this, I suggest you produce a short movie not a full length one.

    The trailer started in a bad way. It’s obvious that the kid & dad has been living there for a while, so why would the kid just out of sudden point at the harpoon and ask what it is?
    It would be logical to be standing in front of it, admiring it, then when trying to touch it, the dad walks in and say something like: Don’t touch it! or Want to hear its story?

    Since the trailer didn’t pack more complete scenes, I can’t judge more but you may need another person to direct the movie for you.

    Cam shaking is horrible in the fight scene. Don’t rush the CGI work. I know it takes ages, but it’s for the best. Ahmad Al-Awadi has been working on CGI for quite some time and he knows companies that offer online rendering for small fees.

  9. ok here’s my opinion,

    1. the story seems oh-so-very boring, no offence wallah bs i know i would walk out of the theater without even watching the 1st half of it.

    2. i dont think al3arabi fo97a is interesting, you feel like you’re watching some kind of a documentary.

    3. the boy at first was wearing a very “kuwaiti” dishdasha.

    4. there’s something wrong with the buildings, chinhom mo 9ij and the fight scene and other scenes are obviously made using a computer aw shay,kilish i didnt like it. ya3ni it’s 2009 akeed fee other technologies to make it seems real.

    5. oo eshsalfat some scenes eb n9 al9a7ra oo some yam alba7ar?

  10. are there going to be any female characters in your movie? :/

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