FC Barcelona Vs. Kazma

Which poster do you like more? And why??

28 responses to “FC Barcelona Vs. Kazma

  1. Both are nice.. ana Kathmawee btw:)

  2. The first one .. their dark strips match the dark atmosphere whereas the bottom one has the same dark sky but bright orange strips .. looks wierd .. and ofcourse cause im a Barca supporter!! 😀

  3. number 1!
    the players arrangement is random yet works well with the whole poster layout. the players seem more GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! i dig!
    whereas kazma one, im not digging the saturated effect for the team and some of the hands seem to be clones of each other!!..but the grass hmmmmmmmmm do they hint that the grass is greener on the kazma side? :p
    ..and the choice of that specific soccer ball? stars? HMMMMMMMM…

  4. with or without the stars?

    for me getting big names in football to play again a Kuwaiti team would only entertain the crowds, but won’t make the Kuwaiti football any good. maybe it would take the fear out of the players if they play officially against a big team, though i doubt that it would be anytime soon! 😦 . I think they should spend the money paid to Barcelona to promote the youth team instead.

  5. I like both… although the frist looks more scary.. as if they’re saying were going to tear you in two…which will actually happen to our poor team ;p
    I hope I’ll be able to go and take the boys 😉

  6. I like number two. The orange uniforms really stand out. They jump out at you. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  7. heh yea the stars on the balls are annoying me too! and the 2 goal keepers at the end should’ve been dressed better..

  8. both are sucks since the top 6 players wont show up here i wonder why paying 1.2 million ?!

  9. I like the first picture much more.. although i am not a Barcalona fan but the way the players are standing and the colours match..
    Sort of reminded me of the Lost show DVD covers loool

  10. lo0ol i just read what you have written above the posters .. I though you are just announcing the event :p

    i like them both .. they complement one another

  11. Hi Frankom,

    Just a clarification. The match will take place on the 21st of December which is the same day the best player in the world will be chosen. So worst case scenario, Messi and Xavi won’t show up maybe. But all the rest will be here in Kuwait for sure. Thanks

  12. the first, cuz of messi well actully becuz of the whole barca team, i look at the second one and well i know no one !! ;p
    and even if the 6 top players arent coming alot are coming besides EVERY barcelonii player is a star. kil el 3arab mayteen yaboon eyoon el mbarat ow el q8ties g3d yitdali3oon yaboon el first 6 stars !! well im going ow kaifkum 3ad :p umm bass minu beshaji3 kathma, like seriously ? xP

  13. Yes… the first one read Qadimoon… so that explains the look, the other one reads we are ready, which also -kinda- explain the pose! But yeah the stars are annoying!

    NUMBER 1

  15. barcelona fan 1

    1) i will go to the game
    2) i am cheering barcelona
    3)ofcourse barcelona will win they have the best
    player (mind please)
    4) barcelona are the best

  16. Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thierry Henry and Carles Puyol are not going to play in the match, what’s the use?

  17. 7ata low ana kuwaiti ashagi3 Barcalona for messi and ibra (im kuwaiti but im cheering for barcelona + im going to the game

  18. Is it not enough for u arabs ? I mean all that 7-0 and 8-0 you had vs germany !!! Lol i mean come on learn ur lesson and leave soccer for us. 🙂

    • Where are you from? Because Americans say soccer and they are not really good at it. Europeans usually calls it football. So I am wondering when you said “us” who are you referring to? 😛

    • 6aaa3 haaathaa agooool vernus or wat ever ur name is. theres more than winning we just want to enjoy the game and ya our soccer teams do suck but that doesnt mean they shouldnt play so shut ur mouth and get a life #^?!$

  19. i watcch it and i saw fcb in the bus they waved to me!

  20. Lol few comments were funny. By the way who won the game ? And also mention the points (Goals) please.

  21. hola baselona es el mejos de los equipos de espana

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