Recommended – Organic Ginger Cookies

Ginger has always been my magical home remedy for nausea! So I try my best to have ginger snaps (I get the Nabisco ones from Sultan) or any other ginger containing snacks! Sometimes ginger tea…

I passed by Marks & Spencer last week and got some organic stem ginger cookies

They’re SO GOOD!

3 responses to “Recommended – Organic Ginger Cookies

  1. ginger snaps in sultan.? seriously!? waina 3anhum? i bet theyre always sold out
    and about those M&S ones, r they like real spicy?

  2. Belafya ..i love ginger with milk only 🙂

  3. the boudoir- They arent available all time… you can order’em too from “Just Ask”. And M&S ones are not that spicy and the ginger parts are kinda chewy

    Hanan- Alla ye3afeech 🙂

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