Ad Vs. Reality

While browsing through the Baking Tray photo album on facebook, I saw a picture of the sandwich I ordered from them few days back (read more).

Its called the Garlic Chicken Avocado sandwich. Since I ordered mine without tomatoes, you wont find any “red” in mine… but really! I love the reality look so much!

What do you think?

11 responses to “Ad Vs. Reality

  1. الصج أحلى من الصوره!! إشهي أكثر

  2. it looks good ….. though admittedly slightly different ……

  3. Too much food in here .. this blog is foodized :p

  4. It looks good . but how about the taste ?

  5. Yes, I am new, I liked your blog, its nice; however, u’re concentrating on food wayed .. the weight is like 40%.
    see the posts “followed” my comment ..
    Happy turkey day
    Organic Ginger Cookies
    Al belad
    bs wala nice blog fi other subjects 7elween thats why i pass by here looking for those valuable infos.
    Keep on

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