Garlic Avocado Chicken – BT

Someone had recommended that I order chicken avocado sandwich after I posted about the Baking Tray restaurant few days ago! I cant remember who recommended it BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I am in love. It is actually called Garlic Avocado Chicken sandwich and I fell in love instantly!

It contains grilled chicken breast and avocado, finished with roasted garlic flavored labneh! As soon as I read the description, I knew I wanted to try it out! Each ingredient complimented the other!

The sandwich is KD2.000 which is SO WORTH IT! It comes with a side of pickles, and I am not a big fan of pickles, but those are really good ones! My only surprise is that the lemonade was for KD1.600, a bit on the pricey size for a lemonade!

The Baking Tray is located in Mishal Tower on Jaber AlMubarak St in Sharq – Kuwait City. Their Tel # is 2225-1544

17 responses to “Garlic Avocado Chicken – BT

  1. avocado, chicken, and garlic ..few of my favorite ingredients!

    they deliver?

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  3. looks yummy,, 3alaych bil3afyah

  4. It’s posts like these that make me regret that I skipped breakfast !

    The sandwich looks and sounds amazing. But the lemonade is overpriced by Kuwait’s standards.

  5. next time try “The Roast” :p

  6. hmmm… I think I will try it tonight… You should also try the chicken semolina… But what do I know, I never tried anything else from the baking tray 🙂

  7. I’ve tried it and really liked it lot 🙂

  8. 9ij its oily wela 3ade?

    • Not oily…. the stains you see in the picture are from the labneh and avocado! The chicken is grilled… so no oil 🙂 Maybe in other sandwiches?

  9. I’ve tried it, it was delicious! but a bit heavy..
    i’ve also tried the chicken semolina, it was great.
    And the cookies? i loveee them!

  10. im sure they taste as good as they look 😀


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