Recommended – Oily Roots

Oily Roots LS

R U Taking Protection? From Oily Roots is one of Lee Stafford amazing products! I have straight oily hair that I have to wash daily! I was telling my sweet friend about me needing to wash my hair daily, and she highly recommended this product, available at Boots. I looked for it everywhere, in every Boots branch I pass by, but they are always out of it for some reason… so my other sweet friend told me shes got one but never really liked it and gave it to me! I SAY THANKS! ITS MAGICAL!

Few days back, I over slept! I woke up to realize I wont have time to wash my hair before going to work. I took that can in hand and was like “What the hey! Lets give it a shot right now!!”

It is basically a pressured corn starch that you spray on your roots from an arms length, then work it through till it soak up the oil!

If any of you happen to see it at any Boots’ branch PLEASE DO TELL ME!

Thanks ShuShu and Shayma 😉 You are both awesome xoxo

7 responses to “Recommended – Oily Roots

  1. Would be nice if you take picture of whatever you recomend instead of picture from website! We would believe you more!

  2. Boots in Kuwait sucks. I use Vaseline’s deodorant because it’s the best I’ve had so far (no stains on clothes, quick to dry) and it’s sold in Boots all over the world, but not Kuwait.

    As for your oily hair problem, just buy the Nettle shampoo from The Body Shop.

    • Boots in Kuwait is not bad 🙂 I will check out Nettle shampoo, but the spray I use is for a quick fix and go which I love when I dont have much time 😉

  3. i have the same problem
    thank u soo sooo much for telling us about this..

    ill look 4 it in boots bahrain

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