What is Klue?

Can you hear it? It’s the hurried scramble to work out the clues.

Can you feel it? It’s your heart beating out of your chest.

Can you smell it? It’s the rush of fresh air as you make your way to the next clue.

Can you see it? It’s that final clue that tells you’ve reached the finish line.

Can you taste it? It is the sweet taste of victory.

Suppose the only question left to ask is…can you handle it?


You want more? Read p0ach’s post by clicking here!

To contact, email: k-lue@hotmail.com

Tel#: +(965) 9998-2286

Facebook group

Thanks Dhari 😉 You rock!


10 responses to “Klue

  1. I tried it last month .. it was fun! 🙂

  2. I wanna play bs ma7ad yel3b wyay 😦

  3. I really love the Idea,

    It’s really good if you have nothing to do or just bored of your routine.

  4. Seeing six grown men complete with facial hair going on a treasure hunt is beyond sad.

    This should be catered towards kids and the hunt should extend outside the doors of the Scientific Center in order to actually be a challenge.

  5. thanks Ansam !! 😉
    Danderma if you have a team you can compute Vs. Strangers we can arrange that !;)

    Q8 Denver thank you !

    His : thank hope to see you soon 😉

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