Double Ds in Double Ds!

Well… the first two Ds are for Day 1 and Day 2 and the other Double Ds are for Dean & Deluca <3!

Yes… two days in a row… two breakfasts at Dean & Deluca! Only common factor is that I was the main element in those both days! How? Well I always initiate it “Who’s up for Dean & Deluca’s breakfast this morning?” So its always me with different people… family, friends… Its what I like! Amazing food and amazing company! But I did it twice this time 😉 What can I say!? I feel like a queen when I go to Dean & Deluca! The manager, Mr. Najib Yaacoub, is just awesome! You see him running around between tables trying to please everyone there! When the place is full… he’ll take orders himself! I would really like to break out of the routine and go somewhere else, but I just wakeup and all I can think of is Dean & Deluca’s black coffee… Dean & Deluca’s waffles, eggs, figs…….! So yeah, it is becoming my second home! I swear some people who find me there say something like “Oh, I knew you’d be here!” or “I came here and first thing I did was looking around for you”…. or maybe something like “I ordered what you’ve ordered last week” (Its because I post pictures on facebook sometimes). Okay so enough about that already, and food pictures… here they come!

D&D Western Breakfast

Western Breakfast - Poached Eggs

D&D Smoked Salmon Omelet

Smoked Salmon Omelette

Side view too ;-)

D&D Oriental

D&D Oriental Breakfast

D&D Oriental and Omelet

D&D Oriental Breakfast with Oriental Omelette too!

D&D pancakes waffles and cupcakes

Complimentary goodies 😉

D&D pancakes

D&D Pancakes

D&D waffles

D&D Waffles ❤ ❤ ❤

D&D cupcake

D&D Berries Cupcake

D&D cupcakes

Red velvet and almond cupcakes too! The almond one was the best out of the three!

Oh I ❤ Dean & Deluca

23 responses to “Double Ds in Double Ds!

  1. 9ej 9ej 9ej i love D&D!!
    it’s an extra reason why i love mornings


  2. Your making me miss Kuwait

  3. Still the same Najib Yaacoub…
    So commited/dedicated to everything he does and he do it with talent
    Dean & Deluca you are amazing 😉

  4. wow
    next weekend lazm aroo7 😉

  5. For God’s sake woman, it’s 2 AM and I’m drooling already!!! Are they open now?!

    There must be a large group of women out there who really hate your guts for putting up all these yummy pictures…

    Seeing these pancakes makes me wanna go look for my joint-venture sweets recipes with 3baid!
    3baid! I still can’t find them D:

  6. Delicious pics 🙂 The pancakes and waffles look like a work of art !

  7. Next time try their eggs benedict as well 🙂

  8. I like the zaatar and cheese fatayer ,but thier waffle was not tasty at all. : ( and it was not like the pic. you put ! it was totally different.

  9. i am melting!!


  10. i love breakfasts…and the food looks super delicious!!how on earth did u manage to eat that mountain of waffles 🙂
    & i love Smoked Salmon ..will definately go for it this weekend 🙂

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