Curry Saves Taliban Captive

Yes! Food can save your life!!!

Somen Debnath

Somen Debnath, a 28 year old Indian man who was held captive of the Taliban for 24 days managed to get himself freed by cooking curry!! The militia just assumed he was a spy and kept him captive for over three weeks! He was blindfolded and strapped to a chair in a dungeon.

Apparently, he was traveling through Afghanistan as part of a five-year bicycle ride through many countries to promote AIDS awareness.

Due to the fact that he did not understand the captors’ commands, he was beaten and starved! But after realizing that one of the captors spoke basic English, he convinced them to allow him to cook the famous Indian meal, curry!

The captors were impressed and then decided he was safe and just let him go!


11 responses to “Curry Saves Taliban Captive

  1. Which brings up the question…
    What was he putting in the curry?x_O

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  3. aham shay 3jbhom il curry chan they let him go!!!

    lo 6abekh min zman!!!

  4. Lets hold him captive if he is passing by Kuwait and try the famous curry!

  5. Good to know if I’m ever caught and held hostage! I make great curry btw 😛

  6. Imagine you had a bad curry day and you messed it up… gulp!

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