Scoop… when your pet poop! Do not click further if you have a soft stomach! Disgusting picture ahead 😛 I warned ya!!


Thanks Mira 😉

12 responses to “No-No!

  1. Lol I was expecting something way more disgusting…we see that almost everyday ;P

    btw amazingly random/out-of-the-ordinary post lol

  2. This poop looks 5 days old lol, nobody wants to throw it away

  3. mmmm …… sun dried ……

  4. doggy poop on a blog post….it can’t get better than this!! This is Doggy dob’s moment of glory…lol

  5. When ground into a fine power, it’s good for the skin.

  6. The gov should come up with a law against this sort of thing. They should fine those who don’t clean up their pets’ poop. But you know, this may be from a stray animal and not from someone’s pet.

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