Munching on MUNCH!

I was contacted by MUNCH earlier this month and invited to try their BBQ Counter catering at home! Since I have been a loyal customer since their opening (I used to work in Dar AlAwadi, and munched on MUNCH so many times) and since I knew the quality of their food and interesting food mixes they have… I automatically said YES! How can I not!? Specially after reading p0ach’s review!

So I booked them for November 4th and asked them to come by at 7:45pm! Dana AlSalem, one of the owners, very nice lady and so dear to me, asked me if I have any special requests on the food items… I asked her to surprise me!

So on the day, I received a phone call to confirm the address and time… at around 7:40pm a small white mini van arrived…

Munch 01

Two, very nice, young men got out and checked the place out! They suggested where to place their station, we OK’ed it and quickly they started setting up the place for the MUNCH BBQ counter!

Munch 02

Munch 03

Munch 04

Munch 05

Their counter was set on the first floor… overlooking the table we set in the basement… so it was just nice, and the perfect setting!

Munch 06

Our Chef, Imtiyaz, was such a nice man! And as p0ach explained in his post, they were FULLY equipped! They did not ask as for anything… 100% self-sufficient! I kept asking them if they needed to drink something, and the answer would always be “No, thank you ma’am! I am okay” with a smile. I spent most of my time that day by the counter observing and taking pictures… my sisters did a great job hosting the night… My senses were tickled with the aroma of sauces and marinades… my taste buds experimented a lot of yummy bites! The chef would always give me a piece, or two :-P, of anything he cooks before we send it down to the girls! Anyhow… he started off with grilled lamb and edamame salad!

Munch 07

Munch 08

Then he flame grilled Jack chicken wings from heaven

Munch 09

Munch 10

Munch 11

Munch 12

Munch 13

Munch 14

He then placed the wings on the upper grill rack to smoke them while cooking the mini burgers and mini veggie burgers!

Munch 15

while the burgers were cooking, the chef opened some containers with different glazes, sauces, and toppings..

Munch 16

He kept flipping the burgers whenever needed while the chicken wings were still kept on the upper rack

Munch 17

Munch 18

On the counter he prepared open mini buns with condiments…. When the burgers were almost done, he topped them up with some deli cut fresh cheddar cheese and waited a bit till the cheese kinda melted and hugged the patties…

Munch 19

The buns were later placed on the rack to get some smokey flavor and marks on’em!

Munch 20

Munch 21

and the same process for the veggie patties…. this is when my dad got in, he was like I followed the smell and came across the counter! He asked the chef to sneak in a mini burger for him… and while biting it, he asked for another before going!

Munch 22

By the time the burgers were done, the chicken wings were too…

Munch 23

We quickly took those to the girls down…

Munch 24

Munch 25

The mini burgers were gone so fast! As for the chicken wings, they were AWESOME! Smoke didnt overwhelm the taste… It was perfectly done ๐Ÿ™‚

This was just theย beginning! Now getting to the more meaty/juicy stuff…. the chef took out beef tenderloins and started grilling

Munch 26

Those were rosemary steaks with balsamic onion jam! Simplyย irresistible, smell and taste wise! hmm hmm good!

Munch 27

As I delivered those steaks to the girls down in the basement… I could not resist but having more! I forgot about the chef up there and sat for a bit… I asked everyone down there about the food! Nothing but positive remarks! They were enjoying the food so much ๐Ÿ™‚ I quickly got up there just to realize I missed the process of preparing wagyu steak bites…

Munch 28

In my humble opinion… those were the yummiest! Tender and juicy! I was told they were also one of the best selling items at MUNCH and Iย completelyย understand why! I made a girl break her diet just to try those out! She said it was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

The last items on the menu were three kinds of BBQ pizzas… I somehow do not have a picture of theย buffaloย rosemary one, but I have a picture of the pepperoni and mushrooms!

Munch 29

Munch 30

Munch 31

And dinner ended with a sweet note of chocolate and strawberry pizza! Oh la la! Whoever said they were FULL… could not resist taking a slice!

Munch 32

Now going to the honesty box! I promised Dana to be 100% honest about this review, and I really have nothing to say other than “WOW” – “YUMM” – “EXQUISITE” – “IRRESISTIBLE” – and “WORTH IT”!

Service was prompt and amazing! Dana herself called around 9:00pm just to check and send her regards… the girls did not stop complimenting and eating… although many were saying enough we’re full! My parents kept sending the maids down to us to sneak in some yummies for them! What can I say but the night was a HUGE success!

Now enough of soup talk! Lets talk business!! Shall we?

Our menu consisted of three kinds of BBQ pizzas, mini beef and veggie burgers, and wagyu steak. We were also served some of their new items such as the grilled lamb and edamame salad, rosemary steaks, and Jack chicken wings.. Our night was ended with hazelnut chocolate and strawberry BBQ pizza!

Supposedly the food serve was for 10 people, but we were around 15 girls + my parents! So you do the math… their portions are generous enough! But I am talking girls! Guys may tend to eat more ๐Ÿ˜›

Cost?ย Well it depends on what you order.. you could feed 10 ppl with KD60 which will get you about 10 pizza’s and three dozens of burgers, or it could be KD300 if you order the wagyu steaks and lamb chops. So it all depends on what you order, and our menu is there to accommodate all tastes and budgets ๐Ÿ˜‰

There is a minimum order of KD50 in town, and KD150 for chalet orders, but becauseย MUNCH are also flexible, you can order all your items and grill them yourself. They would send you the ice box fully loaded with all the sauces and breads and all you have to do is light the fire and grill them!

MUNCH offers other services besides their BBQ/catering. They serve gourmet deli goodies! It is located in the basement of Dar AlAwadi on Ahmed AlJaber Street in Sharq, Kuwait City and their Tel #s are 2232-2747/57 (Yes they deliver too)

You can check the MUNCH BBQ Menu by clicking here! They maintain a very interactive blog!

To join there Facebook group, click here!

51 responses to “Munching on MUNCH!

  1. Yummies!!!

  2. yeah!! they were good! thanks for being my sister

  3. torture,,, i want that now…

    3alaykum bil 3afyah ;p

  4. aham shay el-wet wipes el-dettole next to m3allem “Imtiyaz” ๐Ÿ™‚ 1000 3afyah…

  5. looks yummy .. I received a lot of fwds about munch and was really interested in the BBQ and the breakfast mazza, but when I went to the restaurant I was disappointed. the pasta was less than average and the burger was just ok .. I don’t want to be critical but I had so much expectations cuz the food looks really good + I trust your judgment. maybe more attention is needed to the food served in the restaurant ..

    Hope this comment is of a help to the owner and wish her best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

    • BBQ catering is different than the menu! What did you try? I personally like (menu) their
      1. ginger watermelon juice (forgot the name)
      2. bang bang chicken salad
      3. spiced pumpkin soup
      4. mushroom pizza
      5. they also have this amazing salad with goat cheese and dates (forgot the name)

      I cant think of any at the moment but we can go together so I can change your mind hehehe

      About the BBQ Counter… I honestly loved everything I was served! YUMMMMMY

  6. great for a change,, very nice idea for gathering with friends and families, when you want to care about nothing other than sit and talk and eat…and you still have fresh tasty hot food.. I luv your coverage Ansam, that’s soooo soooo well reported

  7. I agree with lateefa, guys you should try Q8BBQ.COM

  8. I agree with lateefa, guys you should try Q8BBQ.COM their triple hamburger box comes in 3 amazing flavors,their stakes are so juicy and flavory,,the wings like i have never tried such ones b-4 (mo 6eg) its true they dont come & grill @ your place but the guy is really good,as i spoke to him he said that he doesnt have any assistance from any body,he does every thing him self,and he brings all his spices from the U.S YOU BETTER TRY HIM HE’S DAMN GOOD. The prices are so convenient ,i ordered 1kg filet mignon 9pcs ha+1kg sirloin steak 5pcs+1hamburger triple box 18pcs 150grams each+1kg wings+1kg chicken breast+1 large potato salad amazing too,,,all that food only for 44kd can you believe that!!! i was amazed how the food tasted really good.
    You can order on line or you can call him 999Q8BBQ

  9. WOOoooOOOoooOoOoOoOOOOoooOW mashalllah 3alikm bl3aaafyaaaaa 7adaaa shaklaaaaaaaa 3ajeeeeeeb ooo wanaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaa ba3aaaaaaaad oo kelshy 3alih 7ada fakaa , i love it :)))

  10. Oh Ansam that looks so awesome!

  11. Dear Latifa,
    I agree with you 100%. The Munch resteraunt menu will be changed very soon and hopefully will be up to your satisfaction.
    Keep in mind that Munch catering, and Munch BBQ are seperate from Munch resteraunt, just under one name and identity.
    So the food you get here is very diffrent to what you have tried already:)
    Thanks for your honesty guys..

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  13. I wish I wasn’t going through my vegetarian phase @@ they should make more veggie friendly entres.

    • Phase? Why phase? Why not a life style? Why miss out on the yummy juicy meat!! Heheheh
      They do have different items to cater to different needs, Its just Dana knows that I am not vegetarian ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. WOoooooOoW mashalla
    amaaaaaaaaaazing .. we have to try it in this lovely weather these days .. 3aleekom bel3afya ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Ansam .. You know .. I was thinking of bringing “Munch BBQ” for “Yam3atna” but I’m kind of hesitating to do it .. I agree with some of the comments .. I tried munch before and what a disappointment! below average food! sounds good and delicious but the taste is Meh :/ but after reading your review and Dana el Salem comment .. I might give it another shot but this time with their BBQ

  16. wow…it looks like pure awesomeness and after reading the post i know it sure felt awesome eating all that …yummm goin mad sitting and looking at all the images …

  17. dana isn’t she the same girl from nabeeha 5 ??

  18. Dana: thanks for the clarification, will try it again for sure after the menu change ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ansam: 5ala9 next time we’ll go together ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Yes, Me the ame girl from Nabeeha 5.. left poltics for cooking:)

  20. woooow am starving now ๐Ÿ™‚ bl3afeya ๐Ÿ™‚ i guess i will give it a try soon

  21. so2al 7ada mala sh’3l bs when it rains mayanzl 3ala srdabkom?;p

  22. y3deech el3afeya,,

    you gave me an idea for winter parties ๐Ÿ™‚

    keep blogging plz ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Wow.. that was a splendid post and a great photo review… you could almost start lusting for a BBQ of that quality !

  24. LOL amooooooot 3ala so2al elsirdab ๐Ÿ˜›
    and Ansam, who knows, it could be a lifestyle, its been a long phase already. Either way, many of my friends are veggiebeings, so I hope that you told Dana to make something special for us. And mabi sowalif side orders, abi akil siji please.
    thank you.

  25. Niino:
    I have 2 of by best friends that are vegetarian so I was forced to make sure we have items on our menu.
    You can order any of the pizza’s with all the toppings except pepperoni. We have vegi burgers, and Grilled asparagus with truffle oil and parmasean, grilled marinated vegtebels, sweet corn on the cob, a few kinds of shrimp, but they are not on the menu yet, but if you call they will add it to your order..umm the sesame shrimp is my favorite so far..
    If you need more, I’ll be glad to think up some more items for you:)

  26. I will definitely try your veggie selection. Please do not breakup with your vfriends (anyone else kaifich).

    ๐Ÿ™‚ happy I am.

  27. feee shay lifat intibahi … u have a nice basement :)))
    i’ll have to msg u for details hehe

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