I came home and found this box calling me… open me!


I hesitated, maybe its a gift for someone at home, or something my sisters got to give to their friends or whatever… So I made few calls at home and turned out my sister got us red velvet cupcakes after her friend had told her about it from the VELVET CUP…. So I asked “Can I open it and have one please?”


Ohhh! Nothing but red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! I tried one! Yes JUST one, because “sharing is caring”… I took my first bite and fell instantly in love with those little red devils! The cake was moist and light! The cream cheese sweetness level was just about right!


If you love red velvet, give those guys a try… its worth it 😉 Their Tel # is 9734-4544

I found a link to their page on facebook too! Check it out, they have more pictures and info 😉

Thanks Mimmi & Zahra 😉

14 responses to “VELVET CUP

  1. I like their bakery’s name, it actually sounds original.

  2. the cupcakes look really delicious. Yabeela wallah 😀

  3. yshawwg
    7atta lon l box 7elo!

  4. bil 3afyaaa .. ya om el bal3a 🙂 I love u .

  5. bel3afya
    ana msawee rjeem :s

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  7. OMG ! tharoory ajarba !

  8. salem alhasawi

    اشوج وقت الغداء اللحين

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