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Ad Vs. Reality

The ad

Chicken Gourmet_Ad

and the real deal….

Chicken Gourmet_Reality

Nevertheless… its a YUMMY sandwich 😉

Coffee Whatta?

A day before my best friend’s wedding… we decided to have breakfast at her house…. kinda like our last meal together before shes caught up in the married life 😉 Anywho…. we ordered from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I ordered the egg and sausage meal while she opted for turkey cheese! As a side, I wanted black coffee.

We sent the driver out to pick it up while we discussed last minutes plans… the order came in

CBTL Breakfast

Everything looked and smelled just perfect! But wait a minute… is that a Continue reading

Ad – Breast Cancer Awareness (Lebanon)

What do you think of this Ad?

Lebanon - Breast Cancer Awareness

It reads: Now its the time.. which is a sentence that contains the letter ن in Arabic twice… that kinda look like breasts!

Thanks Reem A. 😉

Rabaa AlHajri is AWESOME!


Rabaa is one of those people who gives pride to Kuwaiti youth! I have asked her to write me a brief post about herself! Shes awesome! I admire her! She have always been athletic and always liked sports! Particularly cycling, in which she have been doing on and off for the past five years, and thats how she met her coach now Mr. Ahmad AlMajed the owner of Extreme Sports where she bought her first bike!

RH and AM

In her own words she says: “Turns out he’s a 2 times iron man .. and iron man is one of the toughest races on planet earth .. so I was inspired by him and after being motivated by Mr. Khaled AlSayer, who also was pulled into this athletic life by Ahmad AlMajed, I decided to join my first triathlon”

So she did it… She registered! At that point, Rabaa  had never competed in a professional race, let alone an internationally recognized one.. but being the awesome person that she is, she pushed herself everyday! She followed the training program given to her by her coach and inspiration Mr. AlMajed!

“I followed it like a religion. I had three full months of training.. sometimes I missed training because of work or oversleeping so I’d punish myself by doing more than one discipline a day. At times it was hard.. I drove myself to tears once or twice.. I wanted to quit more than once.. before training I couldn’t even run 2km.. now I can run 12 to 15 km easy”…. She explained


But she stuck with the program, because Ahmad kept telling her that when she crosses that finish line .. she’ll know why she did this in the first place. And sure enough when she crossed that finish line, she experienced it, saying “Its the most amazing feeling. I don’t think its describable by words.. so now I’m hooked, I’m gonna be chasing finish lines for the rest of my life”


Triathlon is a sport which combines swimming, cycling and running. It is practiced in a natural environment. Triathletes have to deal with the three disciplines in the same order and without having a rest between them.

Rabaa participated in the sprint distance, with difficulty level : medium.
750 meter swim / 20 k cycle / 5 k run – and finished at 1:19 minutes.

The Garmin Barcelona Triathlon is considered one of the most popular triathlons in Spain, with more than 3700 triathletes this year.

She was part of the Kuwait Extreme Team lead by Ahmad AlMajed, who is a well known triathlete having his shares of victories.

Rabaa was the only Kuwaiti female in the team, although she have come to learn that she was not the first Kuwaiti female triathlete, there were two before her! She had the pleasure to meet one of them, Mrs. Ghada, who happens to be a mother of three and still train and participates in triathlons today, but never cared much for publicity

You can also check 4th Ring post about her few weeks back 😉

WTG Rabaa and all the best! YOU ROCK! Thanks for sharing this with me and my readers 😉

350 Pictures

Few days back I posted about 350 Climate Action Day (click here & here for more info).. The event was successful! The feedback we got was good! People were interested to know what was going on, why we’re walking… some even joined in with us! The event was covered by the media! Overall… a week (or less) worth of preparation was so worth it 🙂 Alvaro!! You did great 😉

Now let me share various pictures I have taken during that day with you! Enjoy 😉



Mr. Mijbil AlMutawa of The Scientific Center giving his speech! He also gave the attendees free entrance to the center next week! Wohooooo!






And guess who showed up too???? Continue reading

Vodafone Funny Ad


Sponsorship – NBK


I’m pleased to announce to you all that NBK-Laki* is now official sponsor #1 of Ansam518 🙂

In celebration of Laki’s first anniversary, NBK is giving exclusive offers for cardholders as well as free gifts when you refer a friend to join Laki 😉

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Funny Story!

“Someone told someone my friend knows something they heard from another someone about ME!”

Yes! A chain conversation from one to another about Ansam518!

In shorts, that person -who is a silent reader of my blog or something- said that Ansam518 writes about restaurants so that she can get free meals/treats!

Hahahah I find this hilarious and shallow! Really! Is that all I write about!? What happened to my other posts? My thoughts? My No-No’s!! Arts? Events???? What about news? And my cooking! Besides… other bloggers are writing about restaurants in town too, maybe more than I do!

But really!! Is that why am I writing about restaurants!? Or is he/she just jealous that I am getting special treatment from others! Yes, I do not know if that person is a she or he!

My friend who told me about it was worried that I would get upset, but I started laughing! I actually liked that…. and as I said in previous “Random Thought” post: “

“There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary”

So thank you for the Free, and funny, publicity 😉

Let’s 350!


Be there, carpool with your family/friends, and wear sunscreen! I hope I get to see you 🙂

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