“Limited” – “The First” – “The Only”

Whats up with those catch phrases! Why do people take them so seriously! I keep reading things like..

“The First Giant Cupcake in Kuwait” well sorry you guys, Sugar & Spice were doing that since forever!

“The only place in Kuwait that sells……” How come you are SO SURE? I have seen this item before in store “X”!!

“Limited Edition” makes people hurry to get their hands on those limited editions items! I mean I never got something just because its limited edition.. as a matter of fact, I have bought the Fendi Moncler Spy Bag few years back because I loved the feel and look of it

Fendi Moncler Spy

and then one of my friends tells me that its a limited edition and not available in Kuwait! SO WHAT! I bought it cuz of the color and the feel of it! I loved it… it was love at first sight hahaha

Now here is the reason why I’m writing this post! I was invited to join a group on facebook for an upcoming event for a flea market! I joined in and read in the poster something like

“The First Flea Market in Kuwait” I mean COME ON!!! Why write the first in Kuwait??? Whatever happened to Friday Flea Market? And then I mention our FIVE60 Flea Market last year!

FIVE60 Flea Market

Even someCONTRAST, Mark, rwatan, and Kuwait Paper Dump posted about it last year! I also posted about it so many times on my blog!

I just mention that to them on the group but then I go on to their group album and write them good luck wishes and commenting positively on the posters… just to show them that I support them and mean well.

And guess what happens next? My comments/link regarding FIVE60’s flea market get deleted!! They send me a private message saying “At least support us”…. Well… I did! I wished them all the best and said I loved their poster! Why do people only see the negative? The bad? Assume the worse! WHY!!

Oh well…

18 responses to ““Limited” – “The First” – “The Only”

  1. Being the one and only and the first is the only way you can sell in a recession …..

  2. sooooo offtopic i know ;p but remember bermethan youm i craved khobez irani after you posted pictures… abashrech, im munching on the second piece now ;p
    ertaa7 galbi

  3. That’s quite childish.

    i hate to say most of people, but a very huge # of people in Kuwait like to show off
    ro7ay ay m3rath o t3arfeen shaq9ed
    i mean do they realy make money ? are they covering their expense ?

  5. belq8 ppl see the bad the worse they dont look to the positive side at all .. sooooo saad

    loved u blog :*

  6. 1) People have no sense of detection for false advertisement

    2) People are dumb money bags that are programmed to run towards anything that says: “exclusive” or “limited”

    3) That Facebook group doesn’t seem to take criticism properly. I feel sorry for them. Seriously? Deleting the links? Hah!

    4) If anyone should be sued for false advertisement, it’s Zain & its e-Go’s amazing blistering fast speed. Which isn’t.

    5) Your new blog looks pale. Just an opinion. Don’t delete my comment please :p

    • and you may add this too… People cannot take constructive criticism with an open mind. They deleted the links explaining that they do not allow advertising in their group!

      And no, I am not deleting your comment hehehe

  7. I understand why that would be upsetting to you. But it may have been more supportive if you had sent them a private message asking them to alter the wording in their marketing campaign as it is simply inaccurate. Publicly exposing them through a commen is supportive for their potential customers but not supportive to them. That is, IF you actually sought to be supportive to them although that is NOT your duty so whatever, mintay malzooma.

    • I know what you mean… I guess I got a bit defensive since we did one before and still in their reply they were like ours is different than yours and blah blah blah! And what about Friday market!? Seriously! Why claim you are the first when you are not! I also commented very positively on their group album and wished them the best to show them I was not trying to attack them in anyway… but as you know, people see the bad before the good… that IF they do see the good!

  8. What bothers me the most is why can’t people be more inventive and try to come out with something new? I swear it is more fun to spend some extra time to come up with a catch phrase or an intro about a product or an event than being a copy cat 😉 and then refusing any sort of criticism 🙂

  9. thanks for this post. It helped me a lot. Btw How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

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