Ad – KDD Apple Juice

What do you think of this Ad?

KDD Apple Juice

It reads:

The fruit…

the whole fruit…

and nothing but the fruit!

22 responses to “Ad – KDD Apple Juice

  1. huge company like KDD can’t pay extra dinars to have some kind of proffessional people in advertising?

  2. It’s not particularly clever but it made me smile. What was your reaction?

  3. It’s a lie to the consumer. KDD uses sugar and preserves in their juices so it’s not only fruit in there.

  4. i liked it although it is not entirely true as miss good egg said but i think that they mean the whole fruits taste not necessarily the actual fruit…. in that sense kdd definitely nails the actual fruit taste when ever they come up with new flavors 😉

  5. it needs to be more fruity 🙂 i guess

  6. KDD the price gougers , we will never forget when they raised their prices sky high . Thanks to the Saudi company Marai المراعىwho kept their prices and forced other companies to follow suit .

    KDD product s are made from powered milk . Their juices all from concentrate and lots and lots of sugar to get kids addicted to it .

    Now they are putting Adverts saying their factory caught fire ( 9 firefighters are in hospital from inhaling some chemical in the fire , could be their milk ) and there maybe disruption to their production and availability of their products , as if the people are going to suffer from the shortage heyyyyy KDD we don’t care .

  7. i love KDD whatever you guys are haterz!

  8. miss good egg, stop the hating! everytime i read any of your comments on whichever blog it was, it always is hateful!!

  9. i like it xD even though it aint true ;p

  10. not very imaginative but I’m smiling now 🙂

  11. nothing but the fruit ! Com’on !

  12. I actually like the ad though knowing that it is untrue. Of all the bottled juice, KDD is my favorite.

  13. All I wanted to know if you like the ad itself.. not the company! I liked it… I find the sentence “The fruit, the whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit” quite funny and nicely used in the ad 🙂

  14. 1 2 3.. KDD!!

    You gotta love KDD 🙂

    I like their ads. But do they have to write a message on every ad? I mean it’s visually appealing.. why not leave it at that.

  15. Does anyone remember the name of the KDD juice that had Pele’s face on the box ? I used to love that flavor but they stopped making it after liberation.

  16. will i hope they’er saying the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth 🙂

  17. yeah,

    so stating that KDD has sugar in their juices and that it’s misleading to the consumer is considered “hateful” ?

    Grow some spunk willya?

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