Julie & Julia

My cousin was chatting with me online about my Ansam’s Kitchen interview and told me about this movie!


I so wanna see that movie!Β And yes!!! I was interviewed and if you did not get the chance to check it out, click here!

Ansam's Kitchen

Thanks Muna πŸ˜‰

20 responses to “Julie & Julia

  1. elmovie waaaid 7lo 7ag elli ey7ib el foood o el ma6ba5..
    el2akil kan 7adda eyshawwwwwwwwwwwweg..
    eltamtheel 3ajeeb .. 5o Meryly streep mako 3ala tamtheelha .. bas kanat 6areeqat kalamha shway moz3ija “bs shway” … πŸ˜›
    otherwise this AMAZING actress was genius as usual!
    for sure u will fall in love with both Julie & Julia
    p.s. Food = Love!

  2. im dying to see the movie!!

    gna read the interview now!

  3. el movie yay right 3aleech ;p
    o btw i saw the interview kanat nice !

  4. The movie doesn’t look like my cup of tea, but I liked the marketing poster for it hehehe

  5. I have been waiting for KNCC to get tht movie since August!!!!! i dont get why they hvent got it as yet! I mean meryl streep+ amy adams + lovce for foood = some how the perfect recipe for a good movie. !:) anyway I have read the book the movie is based on and its super! Every food connoisseur should read it..its called 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. Finger crossed about KNCC getin it soon!

  6. funny thing is i couldnt even get a bootlegged copy of the movie 😦

  7. I’ve seen that movie in the states, it is amazing for those who love to cook! and inspiring for those who have goals to reach. A must watch movie

  8. The nice thing about the movie is that it is based on food, I read an article that it sparked a renewed love for cooking and increased the popularity of the late Julia Childs. I think you should start something on the same lines, where you start a challenge cooking a recipe each day and blogging about it to inspire women in Kuwait to enter the kitchen.

  9. Li Annoo (in that inimitable Lebanese accent)

    Ansam :

    Is that you in the picture? Which is it : the guy or the gal ?

  10. I saw the movie in California thsi summer,, i went directly to Barnes and Noble to buy both books the novel and “the art of french cooking”… i forgot the exact name of teh cooking book but i think it was like that !! yes people who luv cooking they will enjoy watching this movie,, for me this movie is not about cooking itself but … it’s about the big success that we can achieve in our lives with the support of our loving ones,, when we discover our creativity and talent that was burried under the boring ordinary life… i loved this movie ALOT

    • I was told that I have to watch it… lots of people recommend it for me saying I popped in mind while they saw it! I was told its also about making one want to follow their dreams and make’em come true

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