350 Pictures

Few days back I posted about 350 Climate Action Day (click here & here for more info).. The event was successful! The feedback we got was good! People were interested to know what was going on, why we’re walking… some even joined in with us! The event was covered by the media! Overall… a week (or less) worth of preparation was so worth it 🙂 Alvaro!! You did great 😉

Now let me share various pictures I have taken during that day with you! Enjoy 😉



Mr. Mijbil AlMutawa of The Scientific Center giving his speech! He also gave the attendees free entrance to the center next week! Wohooooo!






And guess who showed up too????

Teddy B.

350_Tedd B

13 responses to “350 Pictures

  1. nice shot 4 teddy!
    like it

  2. Haha very nice shot indeed! Thank you ansam518 for sharing this. It was a great walk and your right people really responded well and the participants did a great job of spreading the word. We made history as this was a worldwide event!

  3. wooow nice photos, Ansam. Especially the one with Teddy B.


  4. hehe wow!! I can’t see Alvaro??

  5. we all want to see alvaro 😛

  6. thats ms seema!!! she used to teach me

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