Sponsorship – NBK


I’m pleased to announce to you all that NBK-Laki* is now official sponsor #1 of Ansam518 🙂

In celebration of Laki’s first anniversary, NBK is giving exclusive offers for cardholders as well as free gifts when you refer a friend to join Laki 😉

Follow NBK on Twitter for special offers and announcements by clicking here! You can also become a fan on Facebook by clicking here!

*Laki is a banking package that caters to the professional working women by addressing her full lifestyle needs. Banking, saving and shopping.

27 responses to “Sponsorship – NBK

  1. testahlain 🙂

  2. Congratulation 🙂

  3. mbrook testahleen walla good for u

  4. Ee walla good for you testahlain kil khair

  5. Congrats
    testahlain akthar;>

  6. mabroooooook 3ad i am a laki card holder oo do recomend it 😉

  7. After frankom, you have been tattooed now.

  8. Mashallah, sij tistahlain Ansam. Keep up the brilliant work! Allah ewafgich 🙂

  9. Mabrook!! 3refaw enaggoon e9ara7a 🙂

  10. Mabroook !! menha lil a3la

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