Let’s 350!


Be there, carpool with your family/friends, and wear sunscreen! I hope I get to see you 🙂

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8 responses to “Let’s 350!

  1. walla hal 350 ili mani fahma shino bas ashof ilnas etta7acha 3anna min cham yoom 😛

    • 350 is the number scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide (in Parts Per Million) – 350 PPM, in which humanity needs to get back to ASAP to avoid runway climate change!

      So… on the day 1000s of messages will be sent of citizens gathering around the world displaying the number 350 in creative ways!

      Those pictures will be used on Time Square big screens and projected in UN HQ!

      Also they will be used for UN climate meeting in Copenhagen

  2. good luck and god speed …..

    as for the name 350 I sincerely doubt that the actual number is 350 or that climate change is in fact reversible.

  3. Yeah, and once we are done with that – let’s all 360!

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