Ad – Tuna

Lebanon – Tuna Ad that reads: “Sharraf-tuna” which literally translates to: You honored us… it is lost in translation because the Arabic word has “Tuna” in it.. so what do you think of this ad?

Tune AD

Thanks MJ 😉

11 responses to “Ad – Tuna

  1. vvvvvvvv creative! i likeee

  2. Very clever ad !

    The best canned tuna here in the supermarkets is Rio Grande (with olive oil only)

  3. Hah! that’s genius

  4. i love lebanons adds.. especilly the 1s on the airpot highway! they r really creative.. so is this:D

  5. we are deal advertisments , and this space where tuna add on belong to our other out door media locations , thanx for all the people who liked the ad and hope the one who shoot it to call me on 00961 3 442 318 .

    thank you

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