Toilet Seat

Stuck in traffic jams most of your days while really having to go to the bathroom? NO PROBLEM! China has the answer for you!

New Chinese Invention 01

New Chinese Invention 02

New Chinese Invention 03

New Chinese Invention 04

New Chinese Invention 05

New Chinese Invention 06

New Chinese Invention 07

New Chinese Invention 08

New Chinese Invention 09

New Chinese Invention 10

New Chinese Invention 11

New Chinese Invention 12

30 responses to “Toilet Seat

  1. what if i need to do the no. 2 ? 😛 lolz

  2. ويع…… صج صينيين

  3. it is especially gr8 for kids who cannot hold themselves; nevertheless EWWWWW!

  4. a7esa a3333!!
    not clean abdn! o how can u peeee when ur smiling with the car whos near u! hahahahay

    ewww laa mgdr at5ayal! i dont think its possible here or anywhere.. mdri!

  5. Umm, well might sound interesting, but that would be one nasty smelling car!!1

  6. A toilet for a car seat; technically

  7. we3 we3 !! ma atwaq3 a7ad yfaker y76aa or yabeeh eb sayartaaaa !!!

  8. (O_o) i’m speechless

  9. walla yabeelah ! ;p

  10. The tanks at the bottom are probably filled with an anti-septic fluid and would neutralize any smells/bacterial growth.

    I don’t think it’s necessary but then again China is huge in comparison to Kuwait and so are many other countries.

  11. On second thought, I realize it’s not really made for *number 2* but rather just to urinate in and the tanks at the bottom are most likely storage tanks.

  12. i like ur seats if u have it in kuwait so i need to know whos the seller?

  13. I think people have enough things to do already while they’re driving. But this might be the next ‘habba’. But please be sure to get your windows tinted! ROFL!!! 😀

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