Cape Gooseberry Fruit

At one of the gatherings, I tried some kind of homemade chocolate that was served with coffee… it was a chocolate square filled with some sort of fresh berries sauce topped with cape gooseberry fruit!

Cape Gooseberry

I was talking to my friend about it… I told her how good it was (keep in mind that I am not the kind of person who like fruity filled chocolates).

The fruit is called (in Arabic): Al Harankash or Essit El Mistakhabiya (the second name means the shy hiding lady) hahahah!

Anyways! I want some right now!!! Do any of you know if its the season for it now!? Or a BIG plus for whoever can tell me where to find that chocolate I described? I know it was homemade and not from chocolate store!

7 responses to “Cape Gooseberry Fruit

  1. hahahaha ansam i seriously think someone is messing with u hehehe el sit el mestakhabeya doesnt sound like a real name 😛 lool
    its not my favorite personally but my father loves those.

  2. Actually there’s another name its “ell sit el Meste7ya”….<– true , moo ta'leef tara, plus..i've seen it many times in the jam3yaat in the fruit and veg. section….comes in a plastic tray covered i celophane mostly….

    • Yes, essit el mesta7ya and I know its a real name! I have seen it too, I was asking if anyone knows where to get the dessert i described hehehe

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  4. hahahha its available in Egypt a LOT and very very cheap! 😀

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