White Alligator

My friend JTA went to Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium in the States and snapped few photos of the world rarest reptile: the all-white albino alligator! I have taken her permission to share those pictures with you!

White Alligator 01

They have this MEAN look… don’t t hey?

White Alligator 02

White Alligator 03

They’re almost impossible to be found in nature as they would be extremely vulnerable to predators or the sun.

An Albino lacks or has an inhibited gene for melanin, the brown pigment from the skin, and eye’s iris. That’s why the alligator’s skin appears white… and due to blood vessels, the eyes appear pinkish!

To read further, click here!

Thanks JTA 😉

6 responses to “White Alligator

  1. very interesting !! i would love to see it once!

  2. Poor naked alligator 😛

  3. They could be bleached alligators , remember the purple and yellow and green chicks , same process

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