Strange Food!

I love food! I think most of you know that already! I became more open to the idea of trying out different things! Things that may be disgusting to some of you! Traveling and culture also ads to the experience and makes you more open to the idea of trying different things out!

So okay, let me list some of the things I have tried throughout the years…

Bone marrow (I ate bone marrow as a child A LOT! I dont know if I will do it again!)

Escargot (In Europe! Not bad actually)

Frog legs (I tried it from a friend who was having it for dinner… tasted somehow like chicken :-P)

Venison (While visiting Alaska! I was told its a MUST have)

Some sort of river fish when I visited Taiwan! (I have strange feelings towards river fishies)

Rabbit (I was around 15 or 16 didnt know at the time and I cried so much afterwards)

Kaya Singaporean coconut egg jam

So now… moving on to less “strange” food I ate and tried!

I have tried chocolate in spicy flavors and posted about it too (click here)

And same goes for potato chips… In lime (click here)! And I got to try wasabi flavored chips brought to me all the way from Thailan by my very good frienemy N-Logic!

wasabi chips 01

He warned me not to take BIG bites.. and since I am not so much into spicy food, but into trying out different things I took the challenge!

wasabi chips 02

wasabi chips 03

The moment that potato chips bag was open, the smell of wasabi tickled my nose I almost sneezed! I took a medium sized chip and ate it… that gave me a quick rush to my head and a strong hit in my throat…. and cleared my sinuses! My eyes became watery too!! I must admit that I got a “hmmmm yummm” feeling afterwards and had few more chips! It never gets easier because you get to go through all that over and over… but the after taste is amazing! I had to stop though cuz it was burning somehow!

What is the strangest food you’ve ever tried/ate? Come on… Do share πŸ˜‰

28 responses to “Strange Food!

  1. I tried the wasabi almond from carfour was good and green peas with wasabi from bagel dtreet in london ..” i like wasabi .. :)”

  2. I’m a picky eater but I would like to try haggis.

  3. I agree the wasabeee almond is yummy!!
    my most adventurous meat was an ALLIGATOR dish.. it was edable, but i wouldn’t try it again :p

  4. after reading this i dont think im a person that tried weird things.. i thought i was.. well amoung my friend im daring n try new stuff.. ( but not seafood πŸ˜› )

    i only tried kaya.. n i love it.. still have it when possible …

    bel 3fya:D

    iv heard so much about wasabi its sounding so scary! hehehey but since i only have Teryaki frorm the Japanese cuisine i dont think im gonna go near it..

  5. tongue!! we get it from my aunt with the teshreeba every other day in ramandan πŸ˜‰

  6. apart from the Venison, had them all πŸ˜›

    check this

  7. Cockroaches !

    No i’m kiddin :p
    Well , for me the strangest dish was shrimps LOL !
    I tried it 10 years ago when i was a little girl , i’ll never ever eat it again ! I hate sea food :S

  8. I had balut once. Was good I have to say. I also had me some horse,
    boar(didn’t know) and bull sausages in spain. Yummy.

    • I had to search what balut is! I just cannot (CAN NOT) eat it hahaha! I have had buffalo meat before πŸ˜‰ I forgot to include that

  9. i realy used google with this post;p

  10. hehe Grey asked me to try Balut and I agreed to post a review on it… I havent yet πŸ™‚
    btw I’ve had a lot of exotic meat (dont throw up just yet)
    Deer (not the cute ones but serious ferocious ones)
    Bats (out of curiosity)
    Monkey (my cousins shot down one that invaded their jungle estate and we didn’t waste the meat)
    River turtle
    Wild buffalo
    Wild Boar (it may be Haram to some people but tastes delicious) πŸ™‚

    • I wouldnt try that :-S I just cant! I am not THAT brave I guess! I tried deer… but BATS!!! Are you insane??? and Monkey :-S!!TURTLE????

      MY GOD!!

  11. Spicy seaweed chips sold at co-op @ Thailand!

    • I have had roses mixed with desserts… but stuffed roses! How were they?

      I tried octopus with sushi (tako)

      Your trip sounds amazing! Me like πŸ™‚

  12. BTW snails and frogs are haram. :p

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