360 Hanging Art Pieces

Which hanging art piece at 360 Mall you like more? And why? 😉

360 Art Piece_Blue

360 Art Piece_Orange

15 responses to “360 Hanging Art Pieces

  1. i like the blue one .. much cooler

  2. I like the first, reminds me of the spaghetti monster :-p

  3. 360 mall generously spends on the construction and the interior designs. I prefer the blue ball , cause it reminds me of one of the swimming pool I saw in Bahrain.

  4. Totaly the blue one, but only if its another color… the second one is just hmmm, blah? i dunno,,,

  5. hummm i like them both bs i ‘ll go with the blue one i think it represents the moon, it’s amazing

  6. BOTH!!! Any art is welcome in our beauty-hating environment. Our minds have become desensitized from looking at ugly things, anything beautiful is welcome.

  7. Interesting feedback! Everyone (almost everyone) likes the blue one more 😉

  8. I like the blue one more.
    Although it looks like an exploding thing, it also seems to be luring you in with its tentacles.
    Big Bang-ish almost.

  9. i can not help but feel sorry for the number of times that they have to clean them from all the dust we get!

  10. The blue is liked by so many I guess! And B!! My friend told me the same thing and gave me some large digits number that is accounted for the cost of cleaning it :-S

  11. Hahaha laish? khalyiboon hose oo yi6ashroon mayy!! ;p
    That would be so much fun and most importantly, free

  12. The First one, ’cause it looks amazing just like Murano glass art

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