Slow Motion Sneezing


Thanks Abdulla 😉


4th Ring already posted this video 😉 How did I miss that now!!

10 responses to “Slow Motion Sneezing

  1. honestly.. its disgusting!!

    laa2 mo 7lo!! o we shake each others hand n hold b3d after who ever sneezes.. 3adi.. kelha kleenks n wer done!! laaa222 mo 7lo el27sas!

  2. this is a first..
    a disgusting post in ansam blog :p
    sneezing facts:
    – the speed of sneezing droplets can reach up to 160 km/h and crosses up to 5 feet
    – sleeping people don’t sneeze
    – 18 – 35% of people will sneeze if they got exposed suddenly to strong light


  3. loooooooool
    It’s very funny yet disgusting

  4. hahaha, i actually found this amusing, nevertheless so disgusting

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