Munch, An Easier Hosting For You!

I was checking Kuwait & Food group on facebook when I came across those pictures!

MUNCH Finger Food

MUNCH Plexi Trays

The caption reads:

“Mixed finger food on our new plexi trays that if removed can be divided in to 5 separate mini trays. It’s really fun for serving or if you have ppl over and you want to put a little bit of nibbles around everyone!

Munch is located in Dar AlAwadi on Ahmed AlJaber St in Sharg, Kuwait City

Their telephone numbers are: 2232-2747  & 2232-2757

You can checkout Munch’s facebook group by clicking here!

Or visit the Munch blog for continuous updates 😉

4 responses to “Munch, An Easier Hosting For You!

  1. I love munch and I like their pumpkin soup! wallah kint nasya alma63am thakarteeni fih! I like the second picture. Do you have any idea how much it is? and do we get to have the trays for us or give it to munch afterwards?

  2. I’m not a big fan for various reasons but it actually looks pretty good ……

  3. whats in your platter?

  4. Thanks for writing about us Ansam.
    Sofie: The first tray is 15kd, and the second on is 22kd becuse it has a dozen of mini burgers.
    We do take the tray back, our drivers will drop the food and pick up the trays the next time:)

    KTDP: Thank you for your honesty, I would love to hear your comments about us if your free to email me: P.S. try out the catering menu, it’s diffrent than the resteraunt menu.

    L.k.: The platters you see are a mix of variouse finger foods. It’s a combination of tarts filled with goat chesse, carmalised onions, sundried tomato and pesto. Labna and falafel on fillo cups. Summer salad rolls (peking duck, turkey, steak and munch salad), mini pizza and mini burgers.
    I hope you enjoy them.

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