Lip Balms

I just realized I have 3 lip balms in my makeup bag!

Lip Balms

1. SEPHORA Smily lips!
2. Fruits & Passion Shea lip butter
3. Kiehl’s lip balm #1

I cant decide which one I like best! But I am leaning towards #3! Whats your favorite brand for lip balms?

10 responses to “Lip Balms

  1. That’s easy, anything from The Body Shop is my favorite. I own about 4.

  2. carmex or plain old vaseline

  3. my favorite is Lancome Aqua Fusion Levres 🙂

  4. Mine isn’t that fancy but I never saw it in Kuwait. It’s vaseline but not the big jar but the small round can that can fit easily into your pocket.

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