Random Thought!

Bad Barney

Barney is so friggin’ annoying on so many levels!

Barney can cause bad effects on the long run, both on kids, parents, and everyone else for that matter!

Barney is a huge gay Dino who talks with this annoying tone in his voice!

Barney hypnotizes kids so they listen to him! Barney is like their leader! Barney make kids cry and whine wanting to buy all Barney branded purple items which consequently turn their lives into friggin’ ugly purple!! It does not stop there, Barney makes it to birthday parties, on the cake, confetti, mascots, plastic ware… its INSANE!

Barney is scarier than Teletubbies, which I did not think it was even possible to find anything scarier than them!

Evil Barney

Thanks to Frankom, who inspired me to write this post and got the “I love you… You love me” song stuck in my head X-P

35 responses to “Random Thought!

  1. i agree. barney is the most annoying dinasaur ever.

  2. gosh i hate barny too SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frekin much!!

    ufff walah yghaar !

    o i love u love me is stuck now that u mentioned the word! lol malat 3ali e5tara3a

  3. OMG 6ale3 gay 😦

  4. hehehe…. I feel the same way! But if he is going to keep Ahmedan quiet for few minutes, then bad effects or not…gay or not… annoying or not… he is always on TV and I have few DVD’s too! Plus other annoying cartoons!

  5. i agree, the purple dino’s extremely annoying and yes, he does seem gay (along with the news that forced the purple teletubbie out of the closet, a lot of people wrote about barney’s gay-ish mannerisms). i get very annoyed by his lameness; however, he’s responsible for making my 3 year old nephew wash his hands by himself, so…

  6. No offense here but whenever I see this character I just feel that I want to kick his butt. It’s not that because he is a gay but its because of his fatty middle

  7. LooooooL he is dumb! I hate him too but yeah my kids loved him too..although i didn’t encourage it!

  8. I hate teletubbies!

  9. OMG Ansam… can’t stop laughing .. i’ve always thought he is so gay.. & promised my self if I ever have kids I won’t allow them to watch it… what do you know I was forced to watch it with my son … but thank god he is 3 years old now & he loves cars, Thomas & Pooh movies which I can handle …
    Brilliant post .. xx

  10. I hate Barney and Teletubbies!!

    i can’t stand them, What happened to the good old Sesame Street, Disney Cartoons, Thomas the Train and Paddington Bear?

  11. Loool 3ad i love barney! itha my little cousins watch it andimij wiyahum o i sign along and dance!:p

  12. Barney and Teletubbies are so last year! My kid watches “In the night garden”, a show even I can watch along without kicking my self. Any one with kids make the switch ASAP.

  13. looooooool la tsm3ch bntee ma tr’6a 3laih 😛 i know every barney song there is mnha bs la n’6lma tra 5osh dino y3lm elkids some good stuff 😛
    and he’s cuter than the ugly teletubbies 😉

  14. but he is always a phase for kids he never lasts more than a year usually then they get sick of them. well thats what i noticed i guess. so if he can keep the kids quiet during their most noisy days, then i guess we can live with him! hehe

  15. Barney must DIE !!!
    I saw this movie a long time ago in which theres an ending scene where a guy kills Barney in the Godfather movie style, sadly I forgot the name of the movie 😦

  16. Okay Ansam, u know I love you.. but, personally barney gives me a few minutes to breath!! once my boys hear his voice the go to a different world!! So, at the moment I thank god for barney…. it sure beets all the crap on Cartoon Network!!!
    If u ask me, I like ELMO more!!!

  17. how dare you degrate barney to this level? what has he ever done to you? i grew up with this big gay purple dinasour and he has brouht me many joyous mornings before school, and my kids watch him. he’s the happiest gay dinasour on the planet!! I LOVE YOU BARNEY!!!

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