Telecom War – Saudi

Seems like Saudi is also having some sort of Telecom War


Thanks Lulwa 😉

15 responses to “Telecom War – Saudi

  1. they have alot more competitiveness in saudi than we have in Kuwait. but i think with viva a new player in the market it is pushing zain and wataniya to try and improve services, prices, etc. Good for us, the consumer 🙂

  2. competition is good!
    bs we havnt seen that yet in b7rain! not that clear.. with zain n batelco!
    7asha both yshf6 flos mn 9oob :p

    u have t know wt to take from each company :p
    prepaid from zain is cheap
    a line from batelco is cheap

  3. In Saudi, you can take your number with you when you change your phone company – thats why they keep trying to improve their services..

  4. Sweet! About time!

  5. Everytime STC tries to be smart, they get owned by Mobily. This has been happening for years.
    Viva attempted the same here in Kuwait a couple of months back, and they were gonna get owned IF only the other operators wanted to go down to that level.

  6. competition is good..but if someone uses fake information against the competition…that is bad….

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