Teddy On The Go

248am posted about this new cool project called Teddy On The Go.

Teddy On The Go - Profile

As explained on their blog, Teddy is an alter ego who willingly volunteers to go on a social experiment to help create a life for someone who is trying to settle back into a society! This person is living through Teddy by establishing new relations, networking, and starting new life…. and maybe trying new things! He is real! You can be part of his life! A picture is taken every day at random places, and as Mark explained in his post that this is a 365-days project… only after which the bear will be sold for charity.

Teddy On The Go - Sushi

Teddy On The Go - Banksy

I have a feeling this has something to do with KACCH, specially that they have a teddy bear in their logo!
Its amazing, regardless of what end that charity will go to! I also LOVE their pictures! Very expressive and the posts are short and to the point!

Check out Teddy on The Go Blog or become a Fan on Facebook!

11 responses to “Teddy On The Go

  1. 7abbait hal project
    o l 9ewar waayed 7elween

  2. Tra i want that teddy for me when the bidding starts… Tootee my pet duck likes him and wants him as a companion…!

  3. I enjoyed the posts today, waiting for more.

  4. Yes mashallah, her blog is unique and fun. I also love her teddy bear! Extremely cute. Best of luck to her.

  5. Hi this is Teddy B.

    I have nothing to do with KAACH! I am an individuals project with some help from her friends. There is no organization boosting me or the website. If anything we need sponsors so we can gather money for the cause.

    Thank you

    • Thanks for dropping by 😉 I just assumed since they have a teddy bear on their logo… nevertheless, you are doing an amazing job that I am following daily and talking to everyone I know about it 🙂

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