Are You Ready For Gergai’an?

Its this time of the year for kids going to Gergai’an, where kids dress in traditional Kuwaiti costumes and walk around the neighborhood knocking on doors asking for treats (nuts, candies, confectionery, seeds…etc!) 😉

As for the preparation in our house, we do take the extra mile and prepare the treats for the kids in a nice presentable way… we cup’em!


My little sister did all the work… she got plastic paper cups and filled them with goodies




and then she wrapped them all and prepared them for the kids… Good job sis :-*



21 responses to “Are You Ready For Gergai’an?

  1. walah fekra,la eta3b wala shay hehe 😉

  2. Good job!
    They look cute 🙂

  3. Keep leftovers for me 😛

  4. fekra 7elwa :d

    y36eeha el3fyah

  5. hehe they look really nice!!

  6. Hehehe… I don’t know what’s wrong with me this Ramadan.. wallah ‘3alebni, and I completely forgot about gargai3an 😦
    But this is a great idea! very ingenious!

  7. fool sudani (peanuts) in gerge3an in a No-no anasam and you should know that :\

    everybody say: PEANUT ALLERGY !

  8. what would you feel if your bag/box of girge3an injured or maybe killed a child who was allergic to peanuts? :O
    even traces of it that are around the containers and even on candy wrappers can trigger an allergic reaction. its better to put in those prepackages salted peanuts in the bag/box than to put raw peanuts.

    Mmmkay ?!

    • If a child is allergic to nuts then his parents are lunatics for letting him go yegargi3! Its serious! You think they will just let their kid roam around like that with no supervision… plus, gergai3an is known for containing nuts 😉 So noo mmmmkaaay hehehehe By the way its not just peanuts… its nuts in general

  9. 7ilween mashallah 🙂

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