Flat Tire

I was invited to ghabga/suhoor a couple of days ago and I parked my car next to a newly built house! As I drove back home I got this tire pressure loss on my screen! Dang! I guess I drove over a nail and punctured my tire!!


Since my tires are run flats and I do not have a spare tire, I just drove at 80 km/hr till I reached home! Next day after futoor I called the dealership and asked if the service garage was open, in which they confirmed. I decided to go at around 7:45PM. Since I do not have brothers and my dad looked very tired, I decided to go on my own and not worry him with what I saw as a silly issue! I picked up my 18 year old cousin on my way to the dealership!

The wait was not bad, I guess it was smart to go at this time because literally after 8:30PM people started to get angry and frustrated… nagging and complaining about the long wait! As I was talking to one of the service guys, they confirmed that my tire was punctured due to a nail and I was advised to have a patch or replace it with a new one! To my surprise, the dealer was out of my tire!! How can they be out! I was told to go to Bridgestone directly to get it all fixed!

As we got to Bridgestone, the sales guy told me they were out… A Kuwaiti guy was behind me asked us to give up on it and replace it with a regular one. Apparently he was the manager or something! He said they were the main suppliers in Kuwait and there was no way possible for me to have the replaced with run flats before one or two months.. IF NOT MORE! Oh and he also added there was a waiting list too! WTH! This is ridiculous! His suggestion was to replace it with regular tire but I refused! My car does not come with spare so what if I have a flat tire again! At least with run flats I can drive till I reach somewhere! He was not helpful at all! He kept bragging about how they’ve done that to numerous people and nothing went wrong!

I know my dad would be angry if I replace it with a regular tire, and just to double check I called the dealership and they also asked me NOT TO replace with regular one!

At this point I just drove off to the main office of Bridgestone in AlRai.. I was really happy that my cousin was with me the whole time (Love you Abdulmohsen :-*). As we parked the car, the Egyptian guard approached us and immediately asked if we were there to see Mr. Barrak, for some reason my cousin said YES! LOL

He called him up and asked me to speak to him. I tried to explain the situation to “Mr. Barrak” who turned out to be a big shot in the company! He was puzzled that I was talking to him directly and not the service guys, but being the simple Ansam that I am… he turned out to be SUPER helpful! The staff at the main branch were as helpful as he was! Apparently he made “THE SUPER CALL” for them to take care of me! I thought that was super nice of him, unlike the other guy at that branch! Grrrrrr



My poor car 😦


And the patch πŸ˜‰


My cousin asked them to see that damn nail! And I took a couple of pictures of that son of a gun too



I am glad to have a cousin like Abdulmohsen :-* Who missed his ghabga/suhoor with his friends to be with me! Thank you :-*****

31 responses to “Flat Tire

  1. How sweet, and who was “supposed” to see Barrak ;p?

  2. 7imdil Allah 3la esalaamaaah

  3. Allah y7af6’ah likom ou inshallah yarzigich allah bi3yal ykonoon thi5ir ou y3awnoonich .. πŸ™‚

  4. That is why its always risky to drive coupe’s around…I had a similar issue few months back and it was really annoying. I ended up ordering the tired from states which arrived in 5 days!!

  5. sorry type tired = tire πŸ˜€

  6. ya7laila

    allah ykhaleeh likom

  7. towny afham why brothers need sisters and sisters need brothers πŸ˜€

  8. run flat is a hox that costs triple the amount of regular tires, they come OEM because of sales deals between the car and tire manufactures….one more option to add to list of options a luxury car has.

    and why would u need a run flat in Kuwait ? i would use run flats in the US and Europe because a flat tire is the last thing u need when ur in a highway traveling from one state to the other and the next Ψ¨Ω†Ψ΄Ψ±Ψ¬ΩŠ is like 100km away.

    a regular tubeless tire will make it to the Ψ¨Ω†Ψ΄Ψ±Ψ¬ΩŠ just like a run flat if not even better… the tire will not completely ran out of air unless u remove the screw or stop the car for a couple of days with the screw inside.

    i have always drove my car with screws in the tires because i hated going to Shuwakh to fix it, i just top it up with air every other day until i feel like going to Shuwakh and have it patched.

    normal tubeless tires are better than the run flats, the run flat has thicker side walls to make it run flat…lighter and flexible tires are better.

    • I do need them cuz even when I had that flat tire, I still had to run some errands in between before I got to the dealer! Plus I do not like to wait for “bancharchi” in the middle of the road, but instead I like to be able to drive to the dealer!

  9. Ouch! When I read the title… I thought you had a flat tire and you changed the tire yourself! Never expected all this drama πŸ™‚
    Bas Al 7amdellah 3ala el sahala… and godbless your cousin πŸ˜‰

  10. Why are you placing your url on every picture? It’s annoying.

  11. Just dont pull the screw out of the tire till you reach a service point. I do that on my ‘normal’ tires and it works fine. But getting your tires slashed is a different story πŸ˜›

  12. I had a few flat tyres before, and it amazes me how dealers get out of stock for 3 months or so!

  13. I had 3 flat tyres once. honestly I had no idea what to do, called up my brother and he took care of it.. to the guy that finally knew why sisters need borthers.. because the majority of girls need the “guys” to take their cars to be fixed πŸ˜› oh and someone to comaplain to πŸ˜›

  14. you know! you should get rid off the .wordpress thing… just ansam518.com, would cost you less than 2KD πŸ™‚

  15. awww ..dont you just love lil bros for being around for these lil unexpected things..i know i do πŸ™‚ altho sometimes a lil bit of bullying helps πŸ˜€

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