Back In School


Were you a bully or bullied on? Did you stand up for bullies? Or did you just ignore it all?

Reason I’m asking you this is because a friend of mine told me something… something that is old old! REALLY OLD, about story when I was back in 4th or 5th grade… how I abandoned her and made new friends! I do not remember it was THAT bad! Was it because I was a bully? That I did not care enough to see it as a problem! Was she exaggerating? Oh and I used to make silly jokes when I get to one of my silly mood swings… some were pretty bad, but never harmless… or at least I did not see it that way!

Oh I dont even know why I am thinking about it… but I never imagined things this old can surface after YEARS! I would rather people come up to me on the spot, otherwise, it is expired in my own opinion… or is it NOT?! Am I a BULLY??!!?!! Do We Have “Bullies Anonymous”??


19 responses to “Back In School

  1. Bully huh?

  2. When you evolve as a child and drift to new groups of friends, is it considered bullying?
    I thought bullying is all about being mean to another person, enjoying their misery.
    I used to be a dark chubby girl bullied on by a blond blue eyed American in secondary school, I ignored her at first, but then one day she went too far by making jokes about me. So I screamed a war cry and ran through the long corridor and jumped on her, and pounded her face with my fists. The other bullies with her (one of them used to be my best friend) backed away from us. The teachers had a hard time pulling me away from her. When they understood what happend she was suspended for three days. Her name is JOY 😉 I felt sorry for her, she is a pettiful, jealous girls with issues, and I should thank her for pushing me to stand for myself. Never been bullied ever since that day. 😉

    • Thank you for the reassurance! I never thought me being friends with others makes me a “bully”… and me still being her friend should tell you something 😉 Right?

      I am glad you stood up and gave Joy a lesson! Good for you 😀

  3. wil at least i think the pic posted is very funny XD

  4. I had kind of an attitude, but that was for everyone cause I really really really hated school, so my attitude reached everyone 😛
    But not in a mean way y3ny, just like “not in the mood” syndrome ..

  5. Hmm, I saw myself as a very quiet child and so many people confirmed this but I remember bullying only a few schoolmates. I was mostly shy in public but there are certain people who had annoying personalities that I remember bullying only once or twice- so even my bullying was conditional or so I would like to think 😀 hehe.

  6. Oh and ansam? If you mind me saying this, that friend of yours who came out after all these years to remind of that bullying incident is malee:ga i9ara7a!

    • LOL you are too funny! Just on certain peeps huh!! hehehehe I know its been ages, wish she told me about it on the spot! Some things are better left dormant!

  7. I was neither a bully nor was bullied on.

    But, most of my “best friends” were snatched away from me by b**ches… Hmmm an indirect way of being bullied on? May be..

  8. loool ya7leelich.. but i guess it’s kids being kids.. not too extreme i guess..

    Well, I guess most of the time the people who get hurt s, don’t forget.. it could be silly but not to the bullied..

  9. Still being stuck at the action she had in school is not normal at all! Seriously? Lell7en za3lana at things of 15 years ago?


    As for bullying; yes I was one of the quiet peaceful naive ones ele kent bullied several times out of jealousy(kent sha6ra lool); I keep things to my self, the good the bad and the ugly lol ana kela b7ale fa they didn’t really enjoy it and moved on.

    Now? I love them all, bullies or not. We’re past that and it would be silly to not be so asasan!!! I love them for the sole fact that we came out of a place kenna feeh together for 12 years! What else to not bound by?

  10. i bet you had the same look on that boy when you were bullying others in school

    that look is priceless, rofl

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