To leaving carts in the streets and not returning’em to where they belong to!


Use! Dont abuse!!

22 responses to “No-No!

  1. ooh i see people here in the hot weather or the rain take the cart back to where they r supposed to be no matter how far they r parked no matter how many children they r carrying o athker bel kuwait shlon wa7da etdez 3arabant-ha etwakherha 3an the back of her car o etdezha 3ala my car!!!! a6ale3ha wana 6aggatni el booha et6ale3ni chenni ana el ghal6ana! akhaf min halagat-ha o qellat adabha o anzel ana adez el 3arabana wana feenee bachwa o khangatni el 3abra!!!! i had my children in the car .. bas 7aram maybe khayfa all her makeup melts away …

  2. I hate that it pisses me off so much !! Barbarian-style..

  3. I never let the supermarket workers push my cart and sometimes when I finish putting my things into my car, whoever is waiting for me to take my parking space gets really furious at me when I push the cart back to its place. Sometimes they honk, sometimes they yell and God knows what.

    I also think if the Supermarket paved the concrete roads of the parking lot with a milder paste, smoother to the wheels of trolleys and made closer drop-offs stations for the trolleys, maybe – just maybe – people will be encouraged to make an effort to do their own work and put the trolleys back to their places.

    • When I have someone helping me with the cart, I know they will take it back in… and they can make a use of the tips we give them too 🙂 But when its only me, I ignore the honking and yelling and just take the cart in! Hell with them hehehe

  4. They should make paid carts like in other countries, and you get your money back when you return the cart and in good conditiong.
    Like you Ansam, I usually have one of the workers helping me with the cart because I know they will take it back.
    Organic Kuwait… I should have been with you… I have no patience for these kind of people and I’m not afraid to speak out oo awagefhom 3an 7adhom. These kind of people don’t expect you to speak out, and when you do they are taken aback and probably wont reply.
    The other day a guy looked at me and said “Ast’3fer allah”
    I was”??????” Ast’3fer allah 3ala shino???? I was minding my business, I’m wearing what I consider consevetive clothes, wayhi a9far oo min9efeg min el you3!!! 3ala shino Ast’3fer allah??? because my head isn’t covered??? That is my business!
    Without thinking I said in an audible voice for him and those around me to hear, “Ast’3fer allah 3ala shaklek el was5!” (allahom eni 9ayma) Do you think he replied? No, the coward that he is , tucked his dirty tail between his legs and rushed out of the supermarket!

  5. i don’t this problem will be solved this comming 100 years 😛

  6. I really get pissed off when I see these carts conveniently occupy a whole parking space… especially if the parking is full.

    A quick question, can’t the supermarkets put railings in the parking area so people can easily store the unwanted carts? That way the employee would go out and collect the unwanted carts from these railings and return them.

  7. oh my god !!!!!!! oooh i have dozens of stories to share 3ayal lol seriously 3endna azma akhaqeya people need to be nice to each other!! a smile wont hurt people!!! marra bel fanar wa7da yayya btrkb el elevator o etsakkar el bab chan aba6la o agolaha with a huge smile etfathelay.. khazzatni min fog lay ta7at o 3a6atni thaharha!! where r ur manners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. When i didn’t have a car, i used to push the cart all the way to my home and leave it at the road side. Good old days.. used to make terrible noise on the street ..

  9. lol ! yeah, but you know when taxi charges KD1 for distance less than 100 metres!! and the Rice bag alone is damn 20KG’s … its a yes yes!

  10. no no! I used to live near to Sultan Center, Salmiya, as you know bad days+ low salary(read stingy to spend on taxi), so used to push the cart home to save taxi money,
    The Co-Op guys used to take rounds of the surrounding area and collect the cart… it was a common thing (at least it used to be)

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