Miss Chocolate

My friend got me this Mini Cookie Jar she got as a babyshower favor in a reception she went to!

Miss Chocolate Mini Cookie Jar

But how mini is really a mini?

Miss Chocolate Cookie Jar Vs. essie

Yeah… I am talking smaller-than-essie nail polish-jar! CUTENESSSSSSS!!! The taste? Well… its light and not bad at all, you actually have to eat more than one to feel it hehehe its too cute! The effort? BIG! Big effort for such a tiny creation!!

Miss Chocolate Contact No

Anyways… their contact # was at the bottom of the Jar and its 2575-7833

14 responses to “Miss Chocolate

  1. 1st comment 😛
    na6er elfo6oor 🙂

  2. hehe shakla ywans ;p

  3. Baking and fitting them there must have been a nightmare!

  4. Ma yshabi3 ;p
    But mashallah so cute 😉

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