The Bowl Room – VIP Price List

360 Mall Bowl Room

Ms. Rasha of Tamdeen Entertainment sent me the price list for 360 Mall – Bowl Room (VIP Rental Package)

4 lanes all you can play

1 Billiards Table all you can play

Audio room control

1 bowling member attendant

The VIP Package - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

For more pictures of the Bowl Room, click here!


Tamdeen Entertainment is having the Bowl Room Ramadan Open 2009 Tournament .

For more info,Β click here πŸ˜‰

32 responses to “The Bowl Room – VIP Price List

  1. shy 7elo for a birthday party madre etha hal shy alowed
    bs thanx 3ala list l as3ar o men b3ad ethnech can i forward it by email?

  2. KD100 for plying bowling ? why ?

    sorry bas Fesag

    bacher rabey yes2alni ygoli wain wadait el 100 agola le3bt bowling ?

    • KD100 for 10 people… think of it this way πŸ˜‰ Its private and you play with 10 of your friends each paying KD10! Not bad at all

  3. frankom, it’s 100 for up to 10 people! ya3ni go with 9 friends kil wa7id yidfa3 10kd, which is good!

  4. LooooL ansam ! I second frankom ! FESAG BIG TIME πŸ™‚

  5. i cnt seem to think of it as 10 dinar per person! still fesag big time!

    rbi bys2lna eflona wain wadenaha? bdal hal 10 3ala 1 hr bowling.. 36ooha 7g Africa !!

    mdri .. glbi 3wrni 3ala hal bezat ele ebtng6 bs chetheh..

    • Are you saying you do not pay a fortune on designer clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories? Meaning… you have the option to buy a KD15 bag from Aldo au contrair to KD150+ for other bags πŸ˜‰ Sa7 willa la?

  6. eflosna* sory typo mal elnoum:P

  7. ya36eech el3afya
    bss eshwaya sa3a w7da bs! ma yamdena zegara zegarteen salfa wela 5ala9 elwaqt o ma le3abna πŸ™‚

  8. too much,, yer7am ayam Alexanderia kna nl3bha b 25 (Geneih)

  9. Hi Ansam,

    This is off topic, I know, but I was wondering if you might know where I can find Molten Brown’s hand liquid soaps? I got some this summer on my trip but I could swear I’ve seen them in Kuwait somewhere but my memory fails me.

    Mashallah you guys review so many things, I thought maybe you heard or seen them somewhere? πŸ™‚

    • I know MB was available at Marina Mall but not anymore. So I have no idea. I know it was under AlShaya… maybe your best bet is to contact them?

  10. balla ma 3endey 10 yel3bon bowling ? still maktob 1-10 !! so ham wayed !

    anyway i hate bowling ella 3al mazaj 6ab3an ;p

  11. So your not good in marketing πŸ™‚
    bas for real if i dont have 10 players i have then to pay more for one hour only !! you are (they are) asking me to play bowling + billiards in ONE hour for KD100 !!! hehehe i’d rather go to Rehab complex and buy a copy video game (PS3 or Wii) for KD5 rather than KD100 for one hour

    akh wayed ga3ed agreg ana … never mind 6af πŸ˜›

    • Its not about being good or not good in the Marketing.. . Renting the VIP lounge is an extra option you have for a VIP get-together… with your friends and in a closed lounge for you only… if not, you can play in the bowl room or in Kaifan, maybe soug alsalmiya! Or in any other bowling place you know of in Kuwait.. its about how and where you wanna play and how much you are willing to spend and what the experience count for πŸ™‚

  12. In addition to the VIP Room, we have 16 public lanes. You can still play there. Pass by and then judge.

  13. Mishaal Al Roomi

    This is Mishaal, The Bowling Consultant @ the Bowl Room. First, i would like to thank FIVE ONE EIGHT for posting about the prices, and 2nd: RASHA I MISS YOU! πŸ™‚ Anyway, please note that the VIP Room is one of its kind, and its an OPTION, there are still 16 public lanes you can play. Now some are complaining about the VIP, and if we dont have a VIP, people start complaining and asking: why dont you have a private room for family gatherings/bday parties and other occasions? People want these things and they are willing to pay becuz trust me, the fun is no comparison to the price! Want luxury and privacy with total fun? Rent the VIP room, want to come and play a game of bowling for total fun? Get a game on a public lane. We have given you two choices instead of one, choose the one you want:) Families wanna celebrate BDAY parties and graduation occasions, etc.. So what we did, is just make an option available in Kuwait- and thats to rent our VIP Room for Luxury and Privacy!

    Please email me @ for any inquiries. Thanks

  14. What’s the use of reserving the VIP room if you have less than five people right? 10+ will be more fun. Oh it would be wonderful to have a birthday bash there! What about food? Do they cater food, or do we have to bring our own, or do we have both options?

  15. hmm 1 hour for 100 KD for 10 person ??

    sorry but this is too much !!
    let say that i throw one time after that i want to go to the bathroom, i stayed for inside the bathroom lets say for 10 to 15 min. and the others are waiting for me to come over to throw the secound one.. after that one of my friends want to go down to bring let say her bag from the car.. it took her another 15 to 20 min while the others waiting for her to come over so that we can continue our game.. and so on!! this way the one over is done and we even didnt finish one game !!!! .. we rather to play in a normal lines and relaxing as much as we can with no harry !!! LOL sorry but this is really bad idea !!!

    • You are missing out the whole point… its an “ADDED” service. There is a BIG bowling area that is shared and public… if you want the luxury and the VIP treatment, just rent this room πŸ™‚ Its not the ONLY option there πŸ™‚

  16. can i make my birthday there?? pls ask
    my birthday after 10 days only

  17. thanks ansam,i will call them :*

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