I Spotted Mr. Delivery!


Mr. Delivery is your quick and easy local delivery service. They deliver food, gifts, documents…. They distribute your mail, invitations, brochure & more… Oh and they cater both; public & corporate users!

I know some blogs posted about them before, but I spotted their delivery car while leaving home some time ago and decided to post about them on my blog 😉

Mr. Delivery

Mr. Delivery
Their tel # is 2249-4944 & their website is http://www.mrdeliveryq8.com/

Join their Facebook group!

11 responses to “I Spotted Mr. Delivery!

  1. i tried them ! they are super professional so far ..

  2. I wanted to try them to send a gift for my friend on her birthday, but we’ll be throwing her a party…
    maybe next time 🙂

  3. This is new to me. Handy to know, thanks !

  4. Ana agool fee shay esma “Saye’3” !

    Walla el Q8yeen ba6raneen! :p

  5. Interesting. Soon we wont need personal drivers ;p

    • Yeah everything is delivered to begin with (shopping, food, groceries…etc)… now now you can have things delivered with a third party! Whats next?

  6. there is only one professional gift store in kuwait

    visit http://www.Q8eGifts.com

    they pack they deliver all in one place.

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