Chocolateness New Flavors


The amazing guys at Chocolateness sent me two boxes, which contains 24 mini molten cakes, of their four new flavors a couple of days ago! They were Vanilla, Cinnamon, Almond, and Pink…





I lined all four flavors in front of me with their wooden spoon in my hand! hmmmmm! Which one should I try first! hmmmm!! They were, left to right, Almond, Pink, Vanilla, and Cinnamon…


At that moment, Essa & Ahmed -my almost 10 and 8 year old nephews- joined in…. “WOW WHAT ARE THOSE??” with their big brown eyes wide open! I laughed and asked if they wanted to be part of the testing and they jumped right in… each with a spoon in his hand!

We took a bite from each… one small bite of each flavor that was in front of us… they skipped the pink one though! I didnt 😉

Oh that one small spongy cake bite that is smothered with warm chocolate sauce, goes into your mouth and melt right there… hmmmmm BIG tease! I swear!!!


My nephews wanted to do the same thing over again, but right then and there… I removed the almond out of their way and decided to have it all for myself! It was the best out of four according to my taste buds! Vanilla and cinnamon came in second place… leaving pink in the last place… Essa, a chocoholic, loved the vanilla, while Ahmed took the cinnamon… he was like “Ohhh that taste like cinnabon rolls” hahaha! Ahmed is a mini me!!

I asked them to try the pink, but they refused since they are “BOYS” and pink is for girls 😛

My sister took some home with her and the two boys were super delighted because they will get to eat the almond now hahaha!

Now I must admit that their original chocolate flavor stands out as the KING of all other flavors… not just at Chocolateness, but the best chocolate molten cake in the country! Yeah… it is THAT GOOD!

It is worth mentioning that Chocolateness is participating in “Yalla Shabab” @Movenpick – Free Zone from August 30th till Sept 1st. 1/9/2009 – 8:00PM – 1:00AM. Buy Chocolateness at that exhibition and enter a chance to win BlackBerry smart phones, Mini Laptops, and a “BIG Surprise”

To order Chocolateness call them on #9990-6890, or join their Facebook group by clicking here. (Ramadan delivery times are from 4:00PM – 6:00PM & 8:00PM – 11:00PM)

To read my previous review on Chocolateness chocolate molten cake, click here!

Thank you Rakan 😉

29 responses to “Chocolateness New Flavors

  1. They look delicious! I’d go for the Almond or Cinnamon one 😀

  2. i have never tried it!!!
    shakla latheeeeeth walla

  3. Yummy !
    waiting for my so7oor ;/ ye3t akthar al7en

  4. Dear Ansam,
    We’re happy because you liked our new flavors, and thank you very much for your great support. We apreciate it. Best regards, Rakan

  5. el7ag yengaal .. shay mu 6abee3y mashalla .. goodluck rakan ;D !!

  6. Okay, Allah yesamhik ya Ansam, I am soo hungry at the moment and it’s only 11:45am.. I called them but th emobile is closed 😦

    • Hahaha I am so evil 😛 Try and call them at a later time 😉 Oh and they are participating now in the Movenpick Free Trade Zone exhibition now

  7. I love Chocolateness…. YUM! Bel3afia!

  8. حرام عليج فطورنا 9 الا ربع اهني!!!

  9. :(( I love anything in almond! so u highly recommend this for 3azeema? does it contain chcolate? the color is kinda dark..o bil3afya:)

    • Yes I highly recommend it… specially their original chocolate flavored one.. its outta this world! And yeah, those pictures in this post are chocolate molten cakes with flavors

  10. I’ve reduced the frequency of my visits to your blog coz honestly your delicious mouthwatering dessert reviews are bad for my blood sugar levels 😛
    just kidding… I’ll be back and again and again and again

  11. I have tried the Vanilla and it was very delicious. Yummy!

  12. I disagree with you Ansam .. We tried the Almond flavor .. and what a disappointment! That Was TOO MUCH .. “El Sheera” is Way Over the top! “Baithan” is Already Full of Sugar and their amazing chocolate is also contains sugar .. I couldn’t finish it! I will try the other flavors soon enshala .. So far, nothing comes close to the original

  13. 7ada! 😉

  14. 3laikum ib alf 3afya 🙂

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