The Nut Tree Tray

I went back to The Nut Tree few days ago to get their gift/packaged tray… One for my my friend’s mom who just got out of the hospital, and one for my dad. He wanted to take it to their gathering at the diwaniya.

I dropped by the store at around 2:30ish in the afternoon… and I would highly recommend you give them a call ahead of time to prepare it, since it takes around 20 mins + to do so!

The Nut Tree Tray Box

The Nut Tree Tray Box _ Up Close

They do pick the nuts and dried fruit according to their book, unless you want it personalized. Then they lookup the labels and place them on the corrisponding square in the tray.

The Nut Tree Tray Box Tags

They also do delivery for certain areas and for orders of KD20 or above.

Their tel # is 2261-3161

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15 responses to “The Nut Tree Tray

  1. looks Yumful and Calorieful too;p


  2. That’s kewl !
    My brother just got me some japanese nuts from them , Spicy yet Yummy!

  3. 7adaa yshweeg! Love the tray!

  4. Thanks Ansam for the great post .. it’s such a great gift to give =)

  5. So whats the damage on the wallet?

  6. Looks like a great addition to the tea table at a gathering.

    3alaich bil3afya 😀

  7. I thought about going to their place twice after work and during ramadan .. bs el 3ayaz ‘3alebnee :p

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