No… BIG NO to unclean water faucets in restrooms (not saying where I snapped these pictures)! It makes me feel I wanna use my sanitizer because this does not look good!



18 responses to “No-No!


    way ansam laaaaa2

    wherever that bathroom is… dont use it… il water elee beye6l3 awsakh min ilee beta’3leen eedich minah!!!! w333

    ana aslan hal style of faucette akrahah… my faucettes itha makanaw modern o glass o crome o 3oyan imsaween jombaz o il sink glass ma agdar a3eesh wyaha…!

  2. 😦 thaaag 5elgy

  3. 100% agree!!!!! 😉

  4. bel3ax i like it shows you e7na eb sheno ga3den netsaba7 every time la tlomoon el shabaab lai 9ale3aw

  5. yuck ! that looks gross but its perfectly harmless.. just some calcium deposits. 😛

  6. Duuuuuuuuuude!

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