Do You Believe Everything You See/Read?

The following picture has been circulating by email and BBM

Google White People Stole My Car

Would you believe such thing? I dont… I would believe other things, such as this;


Cheers ;-P

25 responses to “Do You Believe Everything You See/Read?

  1. Hahahaha! amazing! how do you do that ? TEACH ME

  2. Easy to validate… Just type the search term in Google and See…

    la7tha …

    yep… kharboo6a… la 6l3 lena black people walla gal halla…

    Amount of junk that ppl believe in and forward feverishly is amazing! Ana bs mohemete ini i reply to people screaming my keyboard off on how on earth do u beilieve such things..!

    • Your point is???
      I posted that, yes! And I also wrote in that SAME post

      “LOOK CLEARLY!!! This story is actually a hoax! That lady on the left is Kate Austen from the TV Series LOST!! And look at the tail in the first picture… I dont see Air France written on it!!!”

  3. the first 1 is really mean:( shino theeee?

    n second is just awsom:p

  4. of course not.. i dont believe anything i read.
    so many lies.

  5. I ended up being too skeptical, even to you being most beautiful in the world imagine!

  6. lol…
    I don’t believe anything unless I see it with my own eyes πŸ˜€

  7. haha ! good one ! πŸ˜›

  8. You Evil hehehe .. B7awil asawwi nafsich ..:P
    Tistahleen wallah , ma kitabti shay 3’la6 πŸ™‚

  9. I thought it was real untill i read the comments πŸ˜€

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