The Fine City

The Fine City

Singapore is famous for being the cleanest city in the world. Tourists will be astonished and impressed by the strict rules and regulations formed by the Singapore government. There are many posters in buildings and parks telling people what they should do, what they shouldn’t do and how much they will be fined if they break the rules. That is the reason why Singapore is called “the fine city”.

Children are taught at school and in their family, right from very early ages, about what they should do and how to behave in this society.

You will be fined heavily if you litter or smoke in public places. Also remember to flush public toilets after using it so that you aren’t fined S$500.

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14 responses to “The Fine City

  1. Opposite of Mumbai.. where I am now 🙂

    • I have been there when I was a baby only so I dont remember to compare. Last time I was in Singapore was few years back! I really wanna go again soon! Loved it

  2. Ansam

    Are you in singapore Now ???

    Ramadan Kareem

  3. ill be happy with just smoking and littering fines in kuwait.

  4. yeah i remember the first time we went there we sneaked chewing gum :p

    o waited till we’re @ the hotel to have them! hehe
    with time it became a normal thing..n its extremly refreshing to go out n c such fascinating clean green place..

  5. Law shino ma ysawoonha 3indina !

  6. So I suppose urinating in a lift would also incur the $150 “Not Flushing” fine…:)

  7. i wish law we’d do a fraction of that..

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