Eyelash Removed

Back in April of 2008 I spotted an eyelash stuck in the corner of my right eye and posted about it on my previous blog. Last March I had five minutes of fame, thinking it was out and then realized it was STILL THERE (click here to read more). So all in all, I have been suffering from that eyelash for over a year… my incident with the doctor, who told me I was “imagining” it all was bad…. till last Monday!

I went to see another optometrist because I have a stye in my left eye, after examining it I asked the doctor to check my right eye and tell me if he sees that eyelash! And guess what, he saw it and asked if I want it removed right away!


God… that other doctor made it clear that his equipment were way better than me and he could not see it… and maybe I was just imagining things! He was rude and WRONG! Yes wrong!

Who cares now… its out! I just wanted to go see him and tell him BEAT THAT! My eyelash was THERE and now its GONE!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

16 responses to “Eyelash Removed

  1. I dnt believe this! Eyelash staying thr for one whole year???? Never… it must be a new one

    • No believe it dear.. It was stuck in the corner of my eye! A new one stuck in the same exact place this whole time!! HOW! 😛 hehehe it was kinda like an ingrown

  2. Oops! I commented before I read ur earlier posts 😛
    Eyelash growing inside??? Now, tht’s strange!
    Never heard abt it b4, but I’m glad its gone now! 🙂

  3. Yaaay ur eye is eyelash free!!

    I hate how doctors here sometimes don’t take the time and really check thinks out!

  4. No offence meant. Maybe the doctor said there is nothing there he can see. And your optometrist could see it, so he took it out. It was not intentional that he saw it and told there is nothing there. Any way it was bad of him not to spot it but doctors are humans too. PS:- I was not your doctor lol

    • Both were eye doctors. My argument was not only he did not see it, but how he said it… that I am imagining it and its not there and his equipments were way better than me looking into a mirror!!

  5. Yayyy Ansam! Good for you for sticking to your guns and getting that eyelash GONE.

  6. unfortunately and i hate to say this but there r some doctors who only see one thing in front of them.. their ego.

  7. ahh a7esa iritating !!

    el7mdela its gone:D

    but iv never heard of such thing b4! now i did!!

    ansam with the eyelash!!

  8. What if it was a new eyelash? :/
    Anyway, at least it’s gone now, right? 🙂

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